Extended edition TH – AUJ: 5 things I’ve learnt

Like any other devoted Ringer, when the extended editions of Fellowship, The Two Towers and The Return of the King were released I immediately watched them and then spent hours going through the bonus content. Director and producer Peter Jackson named this bonus content the ‘appendices’. He was following in JRR Tolkien’s footsteps; Tolkien placed... Continue Reading →

[Review] The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

791 days since my post on 16th October 2010 revealing the excellent news that plans for The Hobbit had been greenlit, that principal photography would begin in February 2011 and that Peter Jackson would direct, write and produce,  I finally returned to Middle-earth. As Ringers the world over can agree with, to say I was looking forward... Continue Reading →

Comic-Con 2012

Once a year, a magical event takes place at the San Diego Convention Center where thousands of comic book, film and TV fans from all over the world come together. I've never been myself but from what I've see and read, it has to be one of the best - if not the ultimate - conventions to... Continue Reading →

Final Hobbiton report from Quint

Quint, that lucky chap from Ain't It Cool News who we are all very jealous of, has posted his final report from the Hobbiton set of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again. As usual, a spoiler warning does apply. The report is full of great insider information and I... Continue Reading →

Recent rumblings from Middle-earth…

If ever I'm in need of cheering up, several things usually work: music, a guilty pleasure like Labyrinth or some comedy clips on YouTube - anything by Michael McIntyre gets me in fits of giggles. For several reasons, the last couple of weeks have been quite difficult. I found a welcome distraction in the form... Continue Reading →

First stills released of The Hobbit

Peter Jackson has shared the first production stills of The Hobbit with Entertainment Weekly. Photo 1 sees Bilbo (Martin Freeman) in Bag End with a host of unexpected, Dwarven visitors. Photo 2 catches Gandalf deep in thought under a tree. Smoking his pipe, his trusty, pointed hat is near by. Photo 3 is another shot... Continue Reading →

Stephen Fry joins the cast of The Hobbit

Speaking on his Facebook page, Peter Jackson has confirmed that Stephen Fry will be joining the cast of The Hobbit. Fry will portray The Master of Laketown, the somewhat greedy and cowardly mayor of the town closest to the Lonely Mountain. The master's conniving civil servant, Alfrid, will be played by Ryan Gage. Conan Stevens... Continue Reading →

Casting update: The Hobbit

There was a double whammy of information this weekend with two interesting casting updates from the set of The Hobbit. With no big fanfare, just a note on his Facebook page, Peter Jackson gave us this snippet of information: "One comment that came up from the recent video blog was the Bilbo voice at the... Continue Reading →

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