Part 3: Celebrating Music in the Movies

Whether it’s the ‘duuuun-dun, duuuun-dun, duuuun-dun…’ chords from Jaws or the marching theme of Star Wars, there are certain pieces of film music that are just as well-known or even more well-known than the film they’re featured in. This got me thinking: what’s the most popular piece of film music and what’s the most recognisable?... Continue Reading →

[Musical Monday] Hedwig’s Theme

It's time to feel festive! I'm not sure why but the Harry Potter series always reminds me of Christmas. The films don't specifically feature Christmas, though, so I'm not sure why it reminds me of the festive season. It is mentioned, of course, as the films do follow a year (or thereabouts) in Harry's life.... Continue Reading →

[Musical Monday] Jurassic Park

Following on from last week's debut Musical Mondays post, this week's post is dedicated to one of my favourite films, Jurassic Park. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may have read my Favourites Friday post about Jurassic Park - check it out here if you haven't. Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park is one... Continue Reading →

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