[Review] Starter for 10

Starter for 10 (2006) Dir: Tom Vaughan Starring:  James McAvoy, Rebecca Hall, Benedict Cumberbatch Another movie that caught my eye on BBC iPlayer recently was Starter for 10, starring James McAvoy. Based on the book by David Nicholls - and adapted for the screen by Nicholls, too - Starter for 10 is about a young... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, James McAvoy!

I've been a bit lax with my birthday greetings this month so happy belated birthdays to some more of my favourite actresses and actors: Robert Downey Jr, Hugo Weaving, Paul Rudd, Russell Crowe, Claire Danes, Seth Rogen, Emma Thompson, Sean Bean and James Franco. Now, back to today's birthday boy. Today - 21st April -... Continue Reading →

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