What’s your fantasy nationality?

If I belonged to a race in Skyrim I’d be a Nord. If I lived in Westeros I’d be from Winterfell. And if I lived in Middle-earth I’d be from Rohan. No, I haven’t been doing quizzes on Buzzfeed. These are references to races and places in works of fantasy that I feel I ‘fit’.... Continue Reading →

Suggestions, please, GOT withdrawal!

In the UK, as the weather is getting cooler and the nights are getting darker quicker, Game of Thrones geeks are delighting in saying: “Winter is coming.” They’re not alone. I’ve said it, in between giggles, a few times myself. As previously mentioned, I’m a big Game of Thrones fan. When I started my new... Continue Reading →

Comic-Con 2012

Once a year, a magical event takes place at the San Diego Convention Center where thousands of comic book, film and TV fans from all over the world come together. I've never been myself but from what I've see and read, it has to be one of the best - if not the ultimate - conventions to... Continue Reading →

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