[Movies of the Month] November

November NEW RELEASES Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them- It is brilliant to be back in the Potterverse. This first offering in the Beasts series is an effective combination of light-hearted fantasy with dark themes that relate to modern culture and history. ★★★★ 1ST TIMERS Hunt for the Wilderpeople - Funny, touching and with a great... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] October

October 1ST TIMERS Midnight Special - Interesting concept but slow to get going. ★★★ Bad Moms - A handful of laugh-out-loud moments but mostly thinly-veiled sexism, in my opinion. ★★ X-Men: Apocalypse - Great to explore the historical side of the X-Men canon.  ★★★★ Underworld: Evolution - Very disappointing; completely OTT. ★★½ REWATCHES World War Z - A good addition to the... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] September

September NEW RELEASES The Secret Life of Pets - Not quite as clever or humorous as I was hoping for but certainly a good kids flick. ★★★½ 1ST TIMERS The Reef - This Australian independent certainly tries but fails through weak acting, unengaging characters and by being hugely predictable. ★★ Below - Interesting idea but poorly executed. ★★½... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] August

August 1ST TIMERS Into the Woods - Shot well, with great turns by Blunt, Corden and Streep, but the mish-mash of accents is very irritating. ★★★ Rogue - Tense Australian indie that's let down slightly by poor CGI and some wooden acting. ★★★½ The Nice Guys - Crowe and Gosling are the perfect pairing! Plenty of laugh-out-loud moments... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] July

July 1ST TIMERS Miss You Already - Emotional engaging from start to finish; very well put together. ★★★★ The Monuments Men - An interesting story with some poignant moments coupled with comedic ones. Isn’t particularly standout, though, considering its all-star cast. ★★★½ Mr. Holmes - This captures the infamous Holmes at a different point in his life. McKellen delivers a... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] June

June 1ST TIMERS 4th Man Out - Quite entertaining but ultimately forgettable. ★★½ Rain Man - Uplifting and thoughtful, I can see why this is considered a classic. ★★★★ L!fe Happens - Amusing and thoughtful in places. However, the stars go to Bosworth's fantastic, bolshie character. ★★★½ Hackers - Entertaining and completely of its time. Is this ripe for... Continue Reading →

2015: Genre breakdown

In much the same way that you have a favourite drink or Subway sandwich – mine is Veggie Patty with Caesar dressing, if you’re asking – I think a lot of film fans have go-to film genres. As explained previously, mine are fantasy and sci-fi. This isn’t to say that I never watch a romcom, comedy... Continue Reading →

2015: The Final Stats

165 films watched 73 rewatches 92 first time watches (including new releases) 1 documentary 3% rated ★★★★★ 48.5% rated ★★★★-★★★★½ 37.6% rated ★★★-★★★½ 10.3% rated ★★-★★½ 0.6% rated ★-★½ Highest rated: The Shawshank Redemption, Prometheus, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Jaws, and The King's Speech (all ★★★★★) Lowest rated: Aloha (★½)

Girl power! Recommending a ‘girly action film’

The other day, a friend on social media asked: ‘Can anyone name some girly action films? Suggestions please!’ She was looking for a film to watch that evening and the suggestions were quite interesting. Firstly, they included ones I would have given myself, including: Sucker Punch, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Hunger Games. There... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name?

In roughly five weeks’ time, my brother and sister-in-law will be welcoming their first child into the world, taking over from me as the youngest person in our family. While my brother wanted to know what they were expecting, my sister-in-law didn’t so it’s remained a surprise. I know very little about genetics or old... Continue Reading →

So long 2013, hello 2014!

The grand total When I signed up to online film diary Letterboxd in 2012, I originally wrote in my biography section the following: "I always wondered how many films I see in a year so this is my online diary, starting 1st January 2012." I watched 155 films that year and I can now reveal that... Continue Reading →

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