Happy birthday, Cate Blanchett!

No Musical Monday post today though it would be 'Happy Birthday' if there was one. Today, 14th May, is the 43rd birthday of Aussie actress Cate Blanchett. When someone asks me: "What has Cate Blanchett been in?" I will undoubtedly say that she was Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings. While I am a... Continue Reading →

[Musical Monday] Blade Runner

Happy Monday, everyone. Today is the 68th birthday of Dutch actor Rutger Hauer. For this week's edition of Musical Monday I thought I'd take a look at arguably his most famous film, Blade Runner. Released in 1982 and directed by Ridley Scott, Blade Runner is set in the not too distant future where man has the... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Kevin Costner!

Today - 18th January - is the 57th birthday of Academy Award-winning Kevin Costner. When I think of the birthday boy, there is always one film that comes to my mind: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. I admit that it isn't his best film, but it is the first film of his that I can... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Orlando Bloom!

Today - 13th January - is the 35th birthday of everyone's favourite elf, Orlando Bloom. 10 years ago this post would have very much been a love letter to Mr Bloom - I readily admit it that I was quite taken with him in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Nowadays I... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Ridley Scott!

Today - 30th November - is the 74th birthday of the wonderful Ridley Scott. Scott is the man behind some of my favourite films, including Alien and Blade Runner. He's also the man who brought you Thelma and Louise, GI Jane, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator and Robin Hood - I think it's safe to say that his... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Don Cheadle!

Today - 29th November - is the 47th birthday of Donald 'Don' Frank Cheadle, the Oscar nominated star of Hotel Rwanda. In a similar vein to my post on Kate Winslet, I want to take a look at three films that Cheadle is in that I haven't seen but would like to. Out of the... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Roland Emmerich!

Today - 10th November - is the 56th birthday of the Lord of Mayhem, the Emperor of Destruction, the fantastic Roland Emmerich. So, why did Empire magazine call Emmerich the Master of Disaster in an interview with the German film maker a few years ago? Let's take a look at some of credits on his... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Kate Winslet!

Today - 5th October - is the 36th birthday of one of my favourite actresses, the Oscar-winning Kate Winslet. Winslet has had a very succesful career so far and has been nominated for many, many awards. At the 81st Academy Awards, held in February 2009, Winslet won the Best Performance by an Actress in a... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Marion Cotillard!

Today - 30th September - is the 36th birthday of one of the most beautiful French actresses, Marion Cotillard. Born in Paris, Cotillard's early roles included the French films La Belle Verte (1996) and Taxi (1998). Moving forward to the 2000s, she had roles in Tim Burton's Big Fish (2003), Jean-Pierre Jeunet's A Very Long... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Gwyneth Paltrow!

Today - 27th September - is the 39th birthday of Gwyneth Kate Paltrow, daughter of film director Bruce Paltrow and actress Blythe Danner. One of the earliest films I remember seeing Paltrow in is 1998's Sliding Doors. Admittedly, I haven't seen it for many years but I remember it being very good, with strong performances... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Keanu Reeves!

Today - 2nd September - is the 47th birthday of Keanu Charles Reeves. While it's fairly well-known that his first name means 'cool breeze over the mountains' in Hawaiian, what else do what about the Canadian actor? Well, he is undoubtedly best known for his role as Thomas A Anderson/Neo in the Matrix trilogy. Thomas... Continue Reading →

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