Blogathon: Five Films Forever

I recently set some of my film blogging friends the challenge of taking part in a new blogathon I had launched: 'Five Films Forever'. The challenge: “You wake up to eerie silence. You call out ‘Hello?’ but no-one answers. You’re alone except for a film projector and speakers with infinite battery life and five of... Continue Reading →

Life, Love and the Movies

Thanks to Nostra at My Filmviews and Karamel Kinema, the first movie blogathon of 2014 is upon us, and what an intriguing set of questions they have asked... LIFE 1. What was the first movie you saw in the cinema and what do you remember about that visit? I can't remember many of my childhood experiences until around... Continue Reading →

[Blogathon] My Movie Year

"Bloggers often comment on it being a good or a bad year for movies, but which was the best or even your favourite year?" Andy at Fandango Groovers has, once and again, started a very thought-provoking and interesting blogathon, My Movie Year. His rules are simple: pick you favourite movie year and back it up with... Continue Reading →

Houdini’s Magic Ticket

When I was invited to take part in the Houdini's Magic Ticket blog-a-thon, which is being hosted by Top 10 Films, I was very excited. Previously, the only blog-a-thon I have taken part in is Fandango Groover's LAMMY award-winning A Life in Movies. Over 50 bloggers took part and the posts made for very interesting... Continue Reading →

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