2015: Genre breakdown

In much the same way that you have a favourite drink or Subway sandwich – mine is Veggie Patty with Caesar dressing, if you’re asking – I think a lot of film fans have go-to film genres. As explained previously, mine are fantasy and sci-fi. This isn’t to say that I never watch a romcom, comedy... Continue Reading →

2015: The Final Stats

165 films watched 73 rewatches 92 first time watches (including new releases) 1 documentary 3% rated ★★★★★ 48.5% rated ★★★★-★★★★½ 37.6% rated ★★★-★★★½ 10.3% rated ★★-★★½ 0.6% rated ★-★½ Highest rated: The Shawshank Redemption, Prometheus, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Jaws, and The King's Speech (all ★★★★★) Lowest rated: Aloha (★½)

Reaching the halfway point – The year in film

As clocks reached midday on Thursday 2nd July, it became official: half of 2015 had passed with 184 days left to go. So far this year I’ve watched 76 films, which means you could reasonably estimate that I’ll have watched 152 films by the time the clock strikes midnight on Thursday 31st December. I’m on course to... Continue Reading →

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