[Movies of the Month] August

Well, what a terrible month for film viewing! Due to puppy commitments and the small matter of moving house, only four films were watched in August. But, what a selection they were! You can't accuse me of favouring one genre over another... I'm happily ensconced in my new house so normal, regular film viewing will... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] July

Yep, that's right. I only managed to watch a measly six films this month. The reason for that can be summed up in two words: new puppy. Picked up and taken home on 5th July, the new apple of my eye sadly stopped me from my usual film watching, as being just nine-weeks-old he demanded... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] June

Slap on the wrist time: taking so long to write these posts means I can't remember what I was up to in June! A look at my diary reveals a weekend away with my friends and a couple of weekend work trips. Sounds like it was another busy month, then! June CINEMA VISITS Man of... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] May

A bad fall outside my house that resulted in soft tissue damage meant that my evenings were spent resting on the sofa this month. I rounded off my Harry Potter marathon and saw plenty of rewatches and first-timers, courtesy of LOVEFiLM and various other sources. With my ankle nearly on the mend I packed in a few... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] April

April seemed to shot by. So fast, in fact, that I've only now gotten around to posting this! I enjoyed a week off to do some dog-sitting and grandparent-sitting while my parents went on holiday. I say 'enjoyed' - it was actually a lot of work making sure everyone was happy and fed! When they... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] March

Busy: that is the only way to describe March. Yours truly turned a quarter of a century and celebrated with an epic game of bowling with my friends and a murder mystery night with my family. The murder mystery was set in 1950s Hollywood, and my family all made heroic efforts dressing up! If you've... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] February

February saw 11 viewings but sadly no cinema trips. Lack of funds and not a strong enough desire to see something at the cinema caused this, though I am now kicking myself at missing the opportunity to see Argo on the big screen. While it has returned for a limited time at my local, it... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] January

Taking inspiration from Ryan over at The Matinee and Andy at Fandango Groovers, for 2013 I thought I'd keep a monthly check on the films I have been watching, selecting a favourite from between them. So, as we're just creeping into March, I thought I'd have a retrospective look at both February and January's films. First... Continue Reading →

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