[Movies of the Month] March

March NEW RELEASES The Imitation Game - Excellent film; well cast leads backed up by a concise script. ★★★★½ 1ST TIMERS Death at a Funeral - Very funny Brit flick, there are plenty of laughs in this dark comedy. ★★★★ Fargo - Thoroughly bizarre but great fun; the accents take some getting used to, as being British, the... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] February

February NEW RELEASES Jupiter Ascending - Interesting plot, stunning effects and beautiful costumes, but the characters are uninspiring and, sadly, the plot is weakened by a convoluted and poor script. ★★½ Birdman - Strong acting but I didn’t connect with the characters, found the music distracting and overpowering, and felt my attention waning several times. ★★★ 1ST TIMERS... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] January

January NEW RELEASES Boyhood - Novel concept and strong performances from the leads but let down by an uninteresting plot. ★★★★ 1ST TIMERS The Family - Disappointing considering the high calibre leads. ★★★ What Dreams May Come - Touching drama that certainly knows how to pull on your heart strings. ★★★½ The Descent - Zero backstory but does it... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] December

December CINEMA VISITS The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - A suitable conclusion to the trilogy, with strong fight sequences, both on a large and small scale. While it can never rival The Lord of the Rings in my opinion, it will have been an excellent first journey into Middle-earth for a new generation. ★★★★½ 1ST... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] November

November CINEMA VISITS The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 - Strong continuation of the franchise, with solid performances from newcomer Moore and the late Hoffman. ★★★★ Interstellar - Visually stunning and engaging, but suffers from being a little too clever in parts. ★★★★ 1ST TIMERS The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Enjoyable with some touching moments at... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] October

October CINEMA VISITS Gone Girl - Stunning film; Fincher is on top form with a true thriller. ★★★★½ 1ST TIMERS Stuck in Love - Enjoyable independent romcom, with strong performances from Kinnear, Collins and Wolff. ★★★★ Girl Most Likely - Wiig impresses in this entertaining drama that . ★★★★ Thanks for Sharing -  Exploring dynamics between addicts and their families, this is... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] September

Not many films were watched this month, due to a two-week business trip taking up a lot of the month. As always, the selection onboard the plane threw up some interesting choices, and I settled for Maleficent and Bad Neighbours on the outbound flight with The One-Hundred-Year Old Man who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared on the way back. September... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] August

There were more films watched this month courtesy of Tuesday Movie Night, with another business trip overseas adding to the in-flight count. Looking back, it's quite an eclectic mix, with only horror missing from the line up! August CINEMA VISITS Guardians of the Galaxy - Simply put in two words, this is 'great fun'. ★★★★ REWATCHES Top... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] July

The introduction of 'Tuesday Movie Nights' has meant that I'm watching a good variety of films on a regular basis. This is working very well for me, as I recently cancelled my LOVEFiLM cancellation due to a lack of usage. I might go back to it or I might try Netflix out, as there are... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] June

Apologies for the lack of recent postings. A recent break up shook things up a bit and quite clearly affected by movie-watching mojo. I've favoured TV series more recently, and have caught up with a fantastic show that is now in its final series: True Blood. I have posted about this series before, and when... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] May

May CINEMA VISITS X-Men: Days of Future Past - Better than First Class? Quite possibly. Packed full of drama and action. ★★★★½ REWATCHES John Carter - Very under-rated action, adventure sci-fi flick. ★★★★ 1ST TIMERS The Wolf of Wall Street - DiCaprio shines in this character-driven drama that shows off his terrific acting talent. ★★★★½ Total: 3 Since 1/1/14 ... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] April

April REWATCHES Crazy Stupid Love - An evergreen, enjoyable romcom. ★★★★ The Princess Bride - A  fantasy favourite with enduring, lovable characters. ★★★★ The Phantom of the Opera - Boosted by powerful music, beautiful sets and intricate costumes. ★★★★ 1ST TIMERS The Hours - Slow-burning, tense drama which brings together three of Hollywood's finest leading ladies. ★★★★ Skin - Stunning film... Continue Reading →

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