[Movies of the Month] September

September NEW RELEASES The Secret Life of Pets - Not quite as clever or humorous as I was hoping for but certainly a good kids flick. ★★★½ 1ST TIMERS The Reef - This Australian independent certainly tries but fails through weak acting, unengaging characters and by being hugely predictable. ★★ Below - Interesting idea but poorly executed. ★★½... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] August

August 1ST TIMERS Into the Woods - Shot well, with great turns by Blunt, Corden and Streep, but the mish-mash of accents is very irritating. ★★★ Rogue - Tense Australian indie that's let down slightly by poor CGI and some wooden acting. ★★★½ The Nice Guys - Crowe and Gosling are the perfect pairing! Plenty of laugh-out-loud moments... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] July

July 1ST TIMERS Miss You Already - Emotional engaging from start to finish; very well put together. ★★★★ The Monuments Men - An interesting story with some poignant moments coupled with comedic ones. Isn’t particularly standout, though, considering its all-star cast. ★★★½ Mr. Holmes - This captures the infamous Holmes at a different point in his life. McKellen delivers a... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] June

June 1ST TIMERS 4th Man Out - Quite entertaining but ultimately forgettable. ★★½ Rain Man - Uplifting and thoughtful, I can see why this is considered a classic. ★★★★ L!fe Happens - Amusing and thoughtful in places. However, the stars go to Bosworth's fantastic, bolshie character. ★★★½ Hackers - Entertaining and completely of its time. Is this ripe for... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] May

May NEW RELEASES Special Correspondents - Plenty of laughs and while predictable in parts, ultimately very enjoyable. ★★★½ Captain America: Civil War - Action-packed from beginning to end, i particularly enjoyed that it answered the question of what happens after the baddies have been caught and the 'heroes' have left the scene. ★★★★ Pride and Prejudice and Zombies... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] April

April NEW RELEASES High-Rise - Bizarre but fascinating (and scarily realistic) take on life and culture within a high rise block of flats. ★★★½ 1ST TIMERS A Room for Romeo Brass - Very much a character piece; Considine shines in his feature film debut. ★★★½ REWATCHES The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - Still my favourite of the trilogy;... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] March

March NEW RELEASES Eddie the Eagle - Exactly what I thought it would be - a feel good Brit flick with several laugh-out-loud moments. ★★★★ 1ST TIMERS Angels & Demons - Superbly shot but lacks the same energy as The Da Vinci Code. ★★★ The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Enjoyable but not as delightful as its predecessor; too... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] February

February NEW RELEASES Spotlight - Tense and understated, this is a great ensemble piece that tackles an important and controversial subject excellently. ★★★★ 1ST TIMERS Divergent - A new version of a dystopic future, this lacks Lawrence's star power that The Hunger Games has but is a fascinating look at a different version of society. ★★★½ Insurgent - As more... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] January

January NEW RELEASES The Revenant - Epic in various senses of the word, but I would have prepared more time focused on Glass' survival story and less on side plots that add to the long running time. ★★★★ 1ST TIMERS Pan - Colourful and magical from start to finish but doesn't rank against other Neverland-related films. ★★★ Big... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] December

December 1ST TIMERS Saving Mr Banks - Enjoyable, light drama with good turns by Hanks and Thompson. ★★★½ 2012 - Fantastic effects but a mediocre cast and ultimately depressing story. ★★★ Angel - Chosen because a pre-breakthrough Fassbender stars in it, this screams Elizabeth Taylor and is the very definition of 'melodramatic'. ★★½ The Ridiculous Six - Completely daft from start to... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] November

November 1ST TIMERS Airheads - Very much of its time, this comedy has some laugh-out-loud moments but would only really appeal to music fans. ★★★ Midnight Express - Hard-hitting drama that retells the story of Billy Hayes; the casting (particularly of Hurt) is great. ★★★★ Sex Tape - Hugely obvious with an OTT Hollywood ending, this is... Continue Reading →

[Movies of the Month] October

October 1ST TIMERS Space Station 76 - An all star cast but lacking comedy. ★★ French Kiss - Typical of its time with a Hollywood ending but enjoyable nonetheless. ★★★½ The Reconstruction of William Zero - Interesting concept but fails to keep your attention. ★★ Shuddh Desi Romance - This is modern Bollywood that tackles the love/arranged marriage... Continue Reading →

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