Extended edition TH – AUJ: 5 things I’ve learnt

Like any other devoted Ringer, when the extended editions of Fellowship, The Two Towers and The Return of the King were released I immediately watched them and then spent hours going through the bonus content. Director and producer Peter Jackson named this bonus content the ‘appendices’. He was following in JRR Tolkien’s footsteps; Tolkien placed... Continue Reading →

Meeting Sir Ian McKellen

If, as the Mayans had predicted, the world had ended yesterday, I would have been in very good company. After all, it's not every day that you get to spend the evening with a wizard. He may have even been able to protect us using his staff! Last night, on Friday 21st December, my boyfriend... Continue Reading →

[Review] The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

791 days since my post on 16th October 2010 revealing the excellent news that plans for The Hobbit had been greenlit, that principal photography would begin in February 2011 and that Peter Jackson would direct, write and produce,  I finally returned to Middle-earth. As Ringers the world over can agree with, to say I was looking forward... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Cate Blanchett!

No Musical Monday post today though it would be 'Happy Birthday' if there was one. Today, 14th May, is the 43rd birthday of Aussie actress Cate Blanchett. When someone asks me: "What has Cate Blanchett been in?" I will undoubtedly say that she was Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings. While I am a... Continue Reading →

[Trilogy Thursday] LOTR

Max and I are back with another edition of Trilogy Thursday. This week we take a look at The Lord of the Rings, which features Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins, Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn and Ian McKellen as Gandalf. As many of you already know, The Lord of the Rings are my favourite film series. I think I saw... Continue Reading →

24 Reasons Why I Love Films

Today, ladies and gents, is my 24th birthday. To celebrate I thought I'd list my 24 favourite things about films. From going to the cinema to my annual The Lord of the Rings marathon, there's plenty of reasons why films are my passion. Ruth over at FlixChatter was my inspiration for this post with her '59... Continue Reading →

My 10 year relationship with… The Lord of the Rings

This post was originally written to coincide with Hobbit Day, which is 22nd September. However, I though it'd make the perfect conclusion to my special The Lord of the Rings celebration. Happy reading, everyone! I hoped you enjoyed this mini series all about my beloved trilogy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Hobbit Day, everyone! As many Tolkienites know,... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Middle-earth Treasures

Today's delve into the world of The Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth is all about the wondrous and fantastic items that are featured in Peter Jackson's trilogy. As always, leave a comment if a different treasure would have made your Top 10. 10 The Crown of Gondor Owned by Aragorn While this treasure doesn't have a... Continue Reading →

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