Films watched and reviewed in September 2021

September seemed to shoot by and included a long weekend in Glastonbury and just under a week in Scotland. The film highlight of the month was watching Blade Runner at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham, while Vangelis’ synthesiser-led score was performed by The Avex Ensemble in-sync.


Big Business (1988) – Helmed by two fabulous comediennes – Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin – I found this quite a riot. It’s fun revisiting NYC in the Eighties as well. ★★★½
The Dressmaker (2015) – There’s a lot to enjoy in this film, including Kate Winslet’s strong performance, the fabulous costumes and its overall quirkiness. ★★★★
Z for Zachariah (2015) – The cast deliver strong performances and the cinematography is beautiful, however it drags and yet feels incomplete. ★★★
About a Boy (2002) – Nearly 20 years after it’s release and I’ve finally watched what many believe is Hugh Grant’s strongest performance. Are they wrong? No. Grant is spot on, and young Nicholas Hoult is on point as well. ★★★★


The Princess and the Frog (2009) – A very fun film with an excellent soundtrack. ★★★½
Blade Runner (1982) – Watching Blade Runner is always an experience, but watching it on the big screen accompanied by an 11-piece orchestra in the Symphony Hall is something else. [Read my Letterboxd review] ★★★★


Day & Night (2010; rewatch) – There is something very unique and special thanks to the simplicity of this short. Lovely to revisit it. ★★★★
The Blue Umbrella (2013) – Damn, you get all the feels for inanimate objects with this one. A very imaginative use of sounds. ★★★½
Bao (2018) – I had a smile on my face for the first few minutes followed by “WTF?!” before ending with “Aw”. ★★★★
Float (2019) – Wow, this one struck differently. Lots of emotion and meaning packed in under five minutes. ★★★★
Feast (2014) – Very sweet, but fairly forgettable. ★★★½

Total: 12

Since 01/01/21

1st timers: 111
Rewatches: 30
Shorts: 5
Total: 146

4 thoughts on “Films watched and reviewed in September 2021

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    1. Big Business was a lot of fun, Birgit. I’d definitely recommend The Dressmaker as well. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s quirky and offbeat. I think you’d like it – hopefully!

  1. Ohh – Blade Runner with live Vangelis score sounds amazing! I’d love that. ☺️

    Noticed Big Business on Disney Plus & keep meaning to rewatch that. Know I watched it at the time (I’m so old!). Not seen the rest other than About a Boy & The Princess and the Frog – great songs in that.

    I see you’re enjoying the shorts on Disney Plus too! The daughter & I love watching all those. 😊 She especially loves Bao so I’m now very fond of that one. There’s only ever been one I’ve not liked. Don’t know why… But it’s Boundin’ so she puts that one on a lot to annoy me. lol

    1. Blade Runner live was so good, T9M! Very atmospheric. The musicians had strip of blue lights across their music stands.

      Yes, I have been enjoying the Disney shorts. Even though they only last a few minutes they leave quite an impression, don’t they? I’ll have to watch Boundin’ and report back!

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