Films watched and reviewed in May 2021

A combination of moving house as well as losing WiFi for two weeks meant that I didn’t watch as many films this month. It did mean, however, that I did a lot of redecorating in the new house!


Taxi Driver (1976) – De Niro excels – as does a young Jodie Foster – but I think some of the fat could have been trimmed off and it wouldn’t have lost any meaning. ★★★★
Nomadland (2020) – Visually this is a stunning film, however a fellow film blogger wrote that this film didn’t do anything that a documentary could not have done, and I’m inclined to agree. ★★★★
The Boat (2018) – A solid psychological thriller that keeps you guessing. ★★★★ [Full review]
Blow Dry (2001) – A fun example of British eccentricity and humour. Lovely to see stars sorely missed like Alan Rickman and Natasha Richardson. ★★★½
Men in Black: International (2019) – Has its moments but where are the wacky aliens we’ve come to expect? ★★½
The Deep (2012) – The sinking is the least interesting element of the film in this story of survival from Iceland. ★★★
Dad’s Army (2016) – Not a patch on the TV series but then nothing will ever top that. Still, it’s a fun watch and really delivers on laughs towards the end. ★★★
The Witches of Eastwick (1987) – Fun in places and a brilliant cast, however it could have been shortened and not lost its meaning. ★★½
Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) – Very enjoyable, provoking a fun trip down Memory Lane. ★★★★


 Thunderball (1965) – One of my favourite Bond films; the aquatic sequences are well choreographed and the setting is stunning. ★★★★
You Only Live Twice (1967) – Another of my favourites from the series, packed full with Bond tropes that are so familiar and often parodied now (see: the secret lair, the deadly piranha). ★★★★
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) – There are lots of things to enjoy, but it feels like multiple films stitched together and many scenes drag on for far too long. ★★½

Total: 12

Since 01/01/21

1st timers: 73
Rewatches: 16
Total: 89

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  1. Hope you’re all settled into your new house? 😊 I know I need to watch Nomadland but I’m expecting it to be… maybe kind of boring? We’ll see! I’ll still watch it. MIB International doesn’t look good but Hemsworth does so I’ll probably watch just to look at him. Ha, Detective Pikachu was fun. 😁 And I’ve seen hardly any Bond films… Mainly just some of the Daniel Craig ones. Shocking!

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