Films watched and reviewed in March 2021

I watched 14 films in March, which is broken down as 12 first time views and two rewatches. I finished rewatching The Hobbit series but couldn’t find any charm in Made in Italy.


Moxie (2021)Moxie is a powerful film that will hopefully empower audiences to challenge the status quo that they witness. ★★★★ [Full review]
Coming 2 America (2021) – While it isn’t a patch on the original, Coming 2 America is still an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours. ★★★
My Favourite Wife (1940) – As the film gets going – it’s short, at only 84 minutes – the laughs keep coming with Grant’s easy, natural charm is on full display. ★★★★ [Full review]
Michael (1996) – It feels very Nineties, but that adds to its charm, and Andie MacDowell and William Hurt do a fine job. ★★★½
Run Lola Run (1998) – A chaotic, fast-paced film that packs a lot in: multiple scenarios, interesting camera techniques and even a cartoon. ★★★★
A Good Year (2006) – At first it’s quite jarring seeing Crowe as a romantic lead, but the humour and cockiness of his character means that he pulls it off. ★★★
Down Periscope (1996) – Horribly dated in parts but with some genuinely laugh-out-loud, slapstick comedy moments at times and endearing characters. ★★★
I Was a Male War Bride (1949) – A fun film but at 1h 45m it’s a little on the long side and the second half is not as fun as the first. ★★★½ [Full review coming soon]
Made in Italy (2020) – There are moments of humour, but unfortunately Richardson is far from a charismatic lead, the chemistry between him and Neeson (his own father) is negligible, and the supporting cast feel very clichéd. ★½
Galaxy Quest (1999) – Fun characters, great casting and doesn’t take itself too seriously. ★★★★
Aquaman (2018) – What a blast! It doesn’t feel as polished as a Marvel but it’s all the better for it. ★★★★
The Wave (2015; Bølgen) – Its beauty is in its simplicity: the premise is easy to understand, the action takes place in one location and there aren’t multiple names and characters that we need to remember. ★★★★ [Full review coming soon]


 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013) – I support and enjoy the various additions made to the film, including the presence of Legolas and the introduction of a new character. ★★★★
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) – An entertaining film that improves on rewatches. ★★★★

Total: 14

Since 01/01/21

1st timers: 40
Rewatches: 10
Total: 50

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  1. I finally saw Male War Bride last year and it was quite funny but I had always thought Grant was dressed up as a woman for. Most of the film. I do love how everything showed during the war including Displaced Persons. Growing up my dad and his family would just call them D. P.’s which is derogatory but, as my dad said, he married a DP. My mom agreed and told him not to forget it, he would smile from ear to ear and loved her deeply. My Favourite Wife is another great movie and, yes, short. I love the remake with James Garner and Doris Day.i really love A Perfect Year and it was a film that both Crowe and Scott wanted to make after the gruelling Gladiator. Galaxy Quest is so funny and a great homage to Star Trek and all conventions that take place. I have been to only one and these people are so serious trekkers( never call them Treckies or they may take out their lasers). I would like to see the others you mentioned. I know I have seen about 17 films this past month but I start losing count.

    Actually we just bought a ton of films from a lady who’s husband was a movie nut. Now some are great to have but my hubby loves watching Steven Seagal and Van Damme..ughhh. He can watch them when I am working” .

    1. That’s a lovely story about your parents, Birgit. If you think about the context, it was filmed and released only a couple of years after WWII. I’ll be publishing my review on it soon.

      Ooh what films have you got? My boyfriend and I can’t always decide on a film. Luckily we have two TVs!

  2. Oh I love Run Lola Run, been ages since I saw it though. I do love Russell Crowe as a romantic lead, I wish he’d do more of such roles, he’s so versatile. I also LOVE Galaxy Quest, oh how I miss Alan Rickman!

    I haven’t seen Aquaman and somehow never mustered enough interest to see it. It doesn’t grab me from the trailer and honestly I’m not a big fan of Jason Momoa despite his hunkiness.

    1. It was my first time watching it and I really enjoyed it, Ruth. I’ve just published my review on it: Run Lola Run review.
      While watching A Good Year I realised that I haven’t really seen that many of Crowe’s films really. I need to see more!
      I really enjoyed Aquaman but then it ticked all my boxes, as I really enjoy water-based films.

  3. Nice mix of films. 🙂 I should watch more Cary Grant movies… Was also thinking the other day that I should rewatch Run Lola Run as I remember liking it but don’t remember much about it now. Glad you liked Aquaman – I’ve seen some people trash it but I thought it was fun. I think superhero movies should be fun! Why are there so many dreary DC movies? The Wave was good as well – it was exactly what a disaster movie should be. 🙂

    1. I’m really enjoying watching Grant’s films. I’ve seen the more light-hearted ones so far and they’re so joyful and fun.
      I completely agree: superhero films should be fun! The MCU has its place, for sure, but I much more enjoy films like Aquaman where it doesn’t get too heavy.

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