Hearts Want: short film review

Directed by Jason P. Schumacher and written by Ruth Maramis — more well known around these parts as the founder of FlixChatterHearts Want is an award-winning short film that sees two former classmates from drama school reunite years later on the stage.

Coming in at just under 15 minutes, it soon becomes clear that Jacques (Peter Christian Hansen) and Lily (Sam Simmons) are more than just old friends, confirmed by the earlier voiceover that revealed: “One doesn’t easily recover from such a passion.”

There’s a natural chemistry between Hansen and Simmons, but Simmons has a stronger screen presence, helped by the fact that her accent is genuine unlike Hansen’s, which does falter at times.

The writing is concise, the tempo picking up as their friendship soon becomes romantic. That is until Lily reveals a long-held secret that threatens to destroy their reunion.

I felt myself more naturally drawn to Lily; I was concentrating more on what she was saying, particularly as the situation became more complex.

The camera work, especially the recurring glimpses of the play that Lily and Jacques are taking part in (also called ‘Hearts Want’), is excellent, with beautiful details such as focusing on their shadows as the curtain starts to come down.

Hearts Want has a lot of potential and it would be exciting to see it developed into a full feature film to explore the two leads — and any supporting characters — in more depth.

Hearts Want (2018)

Director: Jason P. Schumacher
Starring: Peter Christian Hansen, Sam Simmons

“Two former lovers who reunite for a play face the consequences of a secret that threatens to tear them apart forever.” – IMDb

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  1. Oh my, I’m so grateful + honored that you took the time to watch AND review Hearts Want, Claire. THANK YOU for the encouraging review and kind words. I’m so blessed to have found a phenomenal cast and crew who made this film possible. We made it in just 7 months–from the time we set out to make the short to when it was done editing–which was ambitious, but it’s truly one of the best experiences of my life. Sam Simmons is indeed amazing and we wouldn’t have been able to make this without her. I’m thrilled you like the film, wish me luck in developing the full feature 🙂

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