Introducing the ‘Five Films Forever’ blogathon

New year, new blogathon – say hello to ‘Five Films Forever’.

This blogathon – or perhaps, more accurately, ‘blogging party’ – is a challenge I’ve invited some of my favourite film bloggers to take part in, but it’s open to anyone who would like to have a go.

The challenge:

“You wake up to eerie silence. You call out ‘Hello?’ but no-one answers. You’re alone except for a film projector and speakers with infinite battery life and five of your favourite films at the foot of the projector. You have nowhere to be so start watching the films. What are they, where are you and how will your story play out?”

For the ‘Five Films Forever’ blogathon I’m asking you to list:

  • My five films: What are the five films you would happily watch for the foreseeable future and why?
  • My fate: Where have you been deserted – are you adrift like Hanks in Castaway or are you an end of the world survivor like Smith in I Am Legend?
  • My finale: How will your time alone end? Will you be saved by Spielberg or will you live happily ever after on your own like Disney?

If you’d like to take part please post your answers on Friday 29 January and use the ‘Five Films Forever’ logo (click the logo to open it in a new tab, download and save). Leave a comment on the post that I’ll have published on the day with a link to your post. I’ll add it your link in so we can see each other’s answers.

I look forward to reading everyone’s answers and don’t forget to promote your post with #FiveFilmsForever!

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