[Movies of the Month] September


The Secret Life of Pets
– Not quite as clever or humorous as I was hoping for but certainly a good kids flick. ★★★½

The Reef 
– This Australian independent certainly tries but fails through weak acting, unengaging characters and by being hugely predictable. ★★
Below – Interesting idea but poorly executed. ★★½
Open Water – Feels very realistic but lacking intensity.  ★★★½
This Is Where I Leave You – A good, but not great, combination of laugh-out-loud and more poignant moments. ★★★½
The Shallows – An excellent addition to the survival genre.  ★★★★
The Legend of Tarzan – Engaging with interesting character development; successfully avoided becoming trite. ★★★★
Zootopia – There are so many things to enjoy about this film, from the lovable characters to the attention to detail and the plot line tackling very serious issues. ★★★★
Me Before You – Thought-provoking with engaging characters; Clarke and Claflin have great chemistry. ★★★★
Everybody Wants Some – In true Linklater style, a fly on the wall’s view at the entertaining first days of college.  ★★★½
Room – The hype was definitely deserved. ★★★★½

Fright Night – Light-hearted, entertaining and action-packed. ★★★½
The Sixth Sense – A great film but slower than I remembered; once you have seen it is understandably not as enjoyable on subsequent viewings. ★★★½
Bad Neighbours – Second time I have seen this and the rewatch was much funnier than I rembered. ★★★½

Total: 14

Since 1st January 2016 

New releases: 10
1st timers: 63
Rewatches: 46
Total: 119

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