[Movies of the Month] July


Miss You Already 
– Emotional engaging from start to finish; very well put together. ★★★★
The Monuments Men – An interesting story with some poignant moments coupled with comedic ones. Isn’t particularly standout, though, considering its all-star cast. ★★★½
Mr. Holmes – This captures the infamous Holmes at a different point in his life. McKellen delivers a great performance and while it is a slow burner, it keeps your attention throughout. ★★★½
Allegiant – As the story progresses the concept and becomes intriguing. It’s a shame that the final edition will be straight-to-DVD. ★★★½
Predestination – Definitely a sci-fi mind-bender, leading you to question ‘have I got this right?’ multiple times. ★★★
Pressure – A fair few ‘on the edge of your seat’ moments but the characters aren’t particularly likeable. ★★★
Dead Calm – Interesting concept and the leading trio give good performances, especially Zane. ★★★½

Top Gun – An oldie but a goldie, this never fails to have me quoting and singing along. ★★★½
The Way – Uplifting and inspiring, Sheen is perfectly cast and carries the film well. ★★★★
Now You See Me – Part way through I realised I had already seen this film, which doesn’t say a lot for it. My rating is based on the special effects and the concept of the film rather than the delivery of it. ★★★

Total: 10

Since 1st January 2016 

New releases: 9
1st timers: 50
Rewatches: 39
Total: 98

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