[Movies of the Month] June


4th Man Out 
– Quite entertaining but ultimately forgettable. ★★½
Rain Man – Uplifting and thoughtful, I can see why this is considered a classic. ★★★★
L!fe Happens – Amusing and thoughtful in places. However, the stars go to Bosworth’s fantastic, bolshie character. ★★★½
Hackers – Entertaining and completely of its time. Is this ripe for remake? My friends say ‘yes’. ★★★½
The Hundred-Foot Journey – Enjoyable from start to finish. I have found an Achilles’ heel for the might Mirren, though: her French accent needs more work. ★★★★
Today’s Special – Very slow with uninteresting characters. ★★
A Walk in the Woods – Nolte does a great job as Katz but Bryson lacks intensity. Perhaps this was Redford’s performance. Perhaps it’s how Bryson is in real life. ★★★

Scream – The original slasher film and best. ★★★½
X-2: X-Men United – Cox’s Stryker adds some gravitas to the canon, and this film certainly take a darker turn because of it. ★★★½
X-Men: The Last Stand – The grand finale puts a variety of mutant abilities on display. Special effects have certainly improved since then (2006) but this does still hold its own. ★★★★
X-Men: Days of Future Past – Action-packed from start to finish, I still think that the bringing together of the ‘classic’ X-Men actors with the new team worked very well. ★★★★½

Total: 11

Since 1st January 2016 

New releases: 9
1st timers: 43
Rewatches: 36
Total: 88

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