[Movies of the Month] March


Eddie the Eagle – Exactly what I thought it would be – a feel good Brit flick with several laugh-out-loud moments. ★★★★

Angels & Demons 
– Superbly shot but lacks the same energy as The Da Vinci Code. ★★★
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Enjoyable but not as delightful as its predecessor; too many subplots create messiness. ★★★
The Inbetweeners Movie – Entertaining and will surely be remembered as very much ‘of its time’ in the same way that Eighties films are. ★★★½
Philomena – A sensitive subject that is portrayed very well; Dench gives a powerhouse performance. ★★★★
Legally Blonde – Sweet, upbeat romcom that proudly shouts ‘Girl Power!’ ★★★½
The Hunger Games – Mockingjay: Part 2 – As events come to an end, this is the weakest film in the series. Released four years after the first film, and bearing in mind that I’ve read the books, I found myself barely invested in the characters any more. ★★★½
The Heartbreak Kid – At 1hr 59, this is far too long for a comedy. Stiller’s character is hugely unlikable too. ★★
The Help – Absolutely stunning film. Chastain and Spencer were my standout stars. ★★★★½

Chocolat – There’s a huge amount to like in this film, from the all star cast to the subject matter itself. Always an enjoyable watch. ★★★★
The Martian – Second time around and just as enjoyable as the first. Damon was perfectly cast. ★★★★½
The Wipers Times – I had fond memories of this from when it first aired but, sadly, I did not get the same enjoyment on the rewatch. ★★★
In Bruges – Darkly comic and wickedly brilliant, always a pleasure coming back to In Bruges. ★★★★
The Adventures of Tintin – A very enjoyable film but one that’s apparently quite forgettable – it wasn’t until logging this watch on Letterboxd that I realised I’d already seen it… ★★★★
Pitch Perfect – An original and entertaining glimpse at American campus life that hasn’t really been touched on before. ★★★★
The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring – Like the favourite jumper you come back to year after year, FOTR holds a very special place in my heart. ★★★★½

Total: 16

Since 1st January 2016 

New releases: 3
1st timers: 34
Rewatches: 17
Total: 54

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