2015: Genre breakdown

In much the same way that you have a favourite drink or Subway sandwich – mine is Veggie Patty with Caesar dressing, if you’re asking – I think a lot of film fans have go-to film genres. As explained previously, mine are fantasy and sci-fi.

This isn’t to say that I never watch a romcom, comedy or drama. With my weekly Tuesday Night Film Club I’ve watched a variety of films that I may not have considered watching otherwise.

With 2015 wrapped up and 165 films watched, I’ve analysed my Letterboxd profile to see what the genre breakdown is.

The results have proved somewhat surprising, especially considering what I thought my favourite genres were.

Action 6%
Adventure 7%
Animated 6%
Comedy 19%
Drama 23%
Fantasy 2%
Horror 1%
Romance 6%
Sci-fi 23%
Western 7%


  • While many films sit across two or more genres, I’ve used my discretion to allocate those films to just one genre
  • There are, of course,  many other sub-genres (war, disaster, survival etc.) but I’m keeping this post broad
  • Foreign language films have been sorted by genre too.
    E.g. romance, drama or comedy

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