[Movies of the Month] November


– Very much of its time, this comedy has some laugh-out-loud moments but would only really appeal to music fans. ★★★
Midnight Express – Hard-hitting drama that retells the story of Billy Hayes; the casting (particularly of Hurt) is great. ★★★★
Sex Tape – Hugely obvious with an OTT Hollywood ending, this is one to avoid. ★★
Inside Out – Thought-provoking and touching, this is a kids flick that adults will enjoy just as much. ★★★★
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – Predictable in parts but entertaining nonetheless, as more of the new dystopian world is revealed you realise how disjointed the human race has become. ★★★★

Prometheus – I’ve watched the Alien quadrilogy several times and now have a great understanding and appreciation of the links Prometheus creates to them; definitely worth watching if you’re familiar with the Alien universe. ★★★★★
The Expendables – A Friday night action flick that’s perfect to unwind with after a busy week. ★★★
Blade Runner – An understated, sleek classic. ★★★★
Midnight in Paris – Always an enjoyable watch. ★★★★½
The Brothers Grimm – Hugely entertaining imagining of the Grimm Fairy Tales but the accents are shocking. ★★★½
The Fifth Element – Flamboyant, exciting and fast-paced, this is a fantastically OTT sci-fi. ★★★★
X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Better than I remembered but cliched and lacks the style of First Class. ★★★

Total: 16

Since 1/1/15 

New releases: 7
1st timers: 73
Rewatches: 66
Documentaries: 1
Total: 147

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