What’s your fantasy nationality?

If I belonged to a race in Skyrim I’d be a Nord.

If I lived in Westeros I’d be from Winterfell.

And if I lived in Middle-earth I’d be from Rohan.

No, I haven’t been doing quizzes on Buzzfeed. These are references to races and places in works of fantasy that I feel I ‘fit’.

The ‘Skyrim’ reference is thanks to my boyfriend, who thinks he would be an Imperial. While I visually look like a Nord thanks to my height, blonde hair and blue eyes, he also reasons that it’s because I prefer cold weather.

Preferring the cold weather and having a penchant for medieval architecture is why I’d be from Winterfell, despite looking more like a Lannister.

I’d feel quite at home in Rohan due to my love of horses. I also feel that while Hobbiton would certainly have a jovial atmosphere and all the home comforts you could desire, Rohan has the grassland and rugged countryside that I would so love to explore with my dog.

Do you feel that there’s a particular fantasy race or place that you have an affinity for?

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