My Film-viewing Rules

I recently asked whether skipping a film in a series is breaking an unwritten film-viewing rule. Nostra over at My Film Views said that it wasn’t and that you should watch the films that you enjoy.

This got me thinking, are there any other potential film-viewing rules?

There are two that I follow. Firstly, even if I’m finding it to be the worst thing ever made, I make myself sit through the whole film as it could suddenly become Oscar-worthy in the final third.

Secondly, and this is more to do with being a film blogger than simply watching a film, I never log a film on Letterboxd if I only caught part of it. You can’t make a true judgement if you haven’t seen the complete film.

A potential third is one that my boyfriend encourages me to follow: choose a film outside your comfort zone.

I naturally choose films to watch from one of my favourite genres. Happily, my boyfriend enjoys these genres (sci fi, adventure, fantasy) too. However, he also enjoys historical films and films starring one of his favourite actors, Anthony Hopkins.

Examples that we’ve watched recently include Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner and Hopkins’ The Edge and Instinct. Even though I wouldn’t have normally chosen to watch these films, I enjoyed all of them, particularly The Water Diviner.

Do you have any film-viewing rules?

2 thoughts on “My Film-viewing Rules

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  1. I definitely feel you can’t offer a review if you haven’t seen the whole thing. It’s unfair. And I hope missing films in a franchise isn’t a rule, because it’s one I’ve not obeyed.

  2. Well, I do sit through a whole movie even if it’s bad (Theodore Rex this past weekend) and I only log things I’ve seen completely (so even if I partly rewatched a movie known to me). Besides that I don’t have too many movie rules myself. I don’t mind seeing a movie in multiple sittings and I don’t consider watching a movie on something like a tablet a “lesser” experience.

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