Dress robes at the ready! Inviting a wizard for tea

Leading on from Wednesday’s post about revisiting the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter, and in a belated celebration of the main man’s birthday, I’ve put my party planning hat on to think of which five Harry Potter characters I’d invite to dinner.

I’m using a bit of artistic licence, as the dinner would be held post-War of Hogwarts but I don’t want to limit it to just who the characters who were alive at this time. There’s such a fantastic wealth of characters that’d it’d be a shame to not send them an invite just because they’re in the unfortunate position of being dead.

I’ll plan another fantasy dinner party after I’ve finished re-reading the books, as the below invitees are based on the film characters.

Sirius BlackSirius spent the majority of his life behind Azkaban’s walls. His strength of spirit and loyalty to his friends never faded, though. I’ve sure he’d prefer to spend the evening talking about happier times spent at Hogwarts, sharing anecdotes of famous wizards been and gone. He’s a fascinating individual, and I’m sure he’d captivate the whole dinner party.

Luna LovegoodThe delightfully quirky Luna would be an excellent addition to the guest list, bringing her unique knowledge and experiences to the table. Softly spoken but determined, when she spoke I’ve no doubt that the other guests would listen.

Neville LongbottomIn many ways the fourth member of the Harry, Ron, Hermione triad, Neville did a huge amount of growing up during the course of the series, from a socially awkward 11-year-old to a brave protector of Hogwarts and true member of the Gryffindor house. I could picture him seated with Luna, lapping down every word that Sirius said.

Mrs WeasleyThe matriarch of the Weasley clan and its associated members (Harry, Hermione, the Order of the Phoenix… the list goes on), Mrs Weasley would bring a wonderful warmth to the dinner table. Though she’s in all of the films you don’t know much about her other than that she’s fiercely loyal to her family. It’d be great to get to know her a little better.

Professor McGonagall

I’ve chosen Professor McGonagall for a similar reason as Mrs Weasley. Other than specialising in transfiguration and being the Gryffindor head of house, I don’t know much else about her. I’ve no doubt that she’s got some interesting stories to tell, including previous Hogwarts students and her own education there.



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  1. If you’re really interested in the backstory of McGonagall, JK Rowling has written a page or two about her on Pottermore, if you want to check that out. I think she was in love with a muggle at some point…

    1. Interesting! I haven’t looked at Pottermore before. I think I signed up when it was announced but never took the time to look at it. Will investigate 🙂

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