Diaries ready – important dates for film fans


While many of us are familiar with the reasons why 1st January, 31st October and 25th December are commemorated, would you be able to tell me the significance of 4th May, 31st July or 22nd September?

These three dates are noteworthy to many film fans, especially to those who, like myself, enjoy the fantasy and sci-fi genres.

In case you weren’t sure, 4th May is Star Wars Day (say it out loud – May the 4th be with you) and is a day celebrated by Star Wars fans across the globe. It’s also a popular wedding date.

31st July is Harry Potter’s birthday, and he would have been 35 this year. J K Rowling kept his exact date and year of birth absent from the novels, but fans have established a timeline and Rowling has since confirmed the date is 31st July 1980.

22nd September has been on my calendar for many years now. It marks Hobbit Day and the date of my annual The Lord of the Rings marathon. The reason? 22nd September was Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday, though several years apart, of course.


Star Wars, LOTR and the Harry Potter series have such devoted followings that they don’t need a specific date for fans to unify and celebrate their passion. It certainly adds to the comradery, though.

Having these dates also make the characters and their worlds more real; it’s similar to ‘Friends’ fans saying that they feel very old when they realise that baby Emma would actually be around 12-years-old now and Phoebe’s brother’s triplets would be 15.

Apart from re-watching the films, I haven’t particularly celebrated Star Wars Day or Harry’s birthday – yet. I threw a themed dinner last year for Hobbit Day, though. My friends and I dressed as Middle Earth races and enjoyed a very tasty three-course dinner together that we’d jointly prepared.

If I get married, I can’t deny that my geek side would be extremely happy if I got married on one of these three dates, the last one especially. It would also make the wedding date easier to remember…

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