Saying goodbye to the Synths

As the credits started rolling on the final episode, what did I think? Warning: post contains spoilers.

With one last lingering gaze out of emerald green synth eyes, the Channel 4 series ‘Humans’ came to a satisfying conclusion over the weekend.

As explained in an earlier post, this new series, inspired by the Swedish show ‘Real Humans’, has been a resounding hit, in my opinion.

Starring a strong British line up of familiar and unknown actors together with Oscar-winner William Hurt, this new sci fi explored the possibility of AI and conscious synthetic humans.

Questions were left unanswered until the last two episodes, with my biggest question – how does Karen fit into all of this? – finally being answered in the penultimate week.

Plot points weaved together to establish whose ‘side’ the characters were on, with many of the characters going on an emotional rollercoaster along the way.

Morality came into question, as the rights of synthetic humans were argued for and against. If you were looking for the definition of a ‘grey area’, that was it.

With the promise of a new series appearing at the end of the final episode, it’s reasonable to assume what the second series will focus on, as we see conscious synth Niska clutching the code to unlocking the consciousness of other synths.

Niska was, of course, the ‘dark’ child of David Elster and passionately hated humans. This stance allegedly changed towards the end of series one, but whether that’s true or not we’ll have to wait until series two.

Just who Hobbs works for and whether synth technology will be used to save other humans’ lives, as Elster did with Leo, remains to be seen. And is it the last we’ve seen of Karen and Fred? Let the countdown to series two begin.

One thought on “Saying goodbye to the Synths

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  1. I didn’t know that it is based on the Swedish TV series. Thanks for reminding me that not every good show comes from the British.

    I should have guessed about Karen. It wasn’t a huge surprise. It was more like the last pot finally found its lid.

    Loved the fact that they closed with Niska. She’s definitely my favourite character due to her multilayered nature of a keen reader. A most fascinating feature of a conscious synth.

    Cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next season.

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