Opinion: Time is too precious for bad films

Every once in a while, after watching a particularly bad film, that feeling of regret sneaks in and I say to myself: “I wish I hadn’t wasted my time watching that.”

This weekend, the film that had me shaking my head in despair was 2013’s Are You Here, a drama with Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis that is very mistakenly classed as a comedy on Netflix.

Luckily, watching a truly awful film doesn’t happen very often, as I tend to play it safe and watch films that are from my favourite genres or that have been recommended to me.


Since beginning my film diary in 2012, I’ve rated 15 films two stars out of five or lower. This is out of close to 500 films that I’ve watched.

Battleship and Mister Lonely have one star each while Casa De Mi Padre is close behind with 1.5. I’ve since made a promise to myself to never watch these three eyeball-offenders again.

The aforementioned Are You Here (rated two stars) left a very bad taste in my mouth. Whoever classed it as a comedy needs to rethink their definition of a comedy, as this most certainly isn’t one.

Wilson and Galifianakis give slightly above average performances but their characters aren’t likeable, have no redeeming qualities and are part of a messy, convoluted story that is unequally paced and drags on for five minutes shy of two hours.

It was around the halfway mark that I was cursing my personal rule of never turning a film off until it’s finished…


As with any other hobby there are ups and downs to film watching. Watching a bad film can be compared to not performing as well as you’d have liked in your Wednesday night footie match. You still enjoy the hobby and look forward to next time, though.

Films, like music, art and a host of other things, are subjective; one man’s Oscar winner may be another man’s Razzie. My feelings about Are You Here may be the total opposite of someone else’s, but given its RT score of 7%, I’m inclined to say that’s unlikely.

What’s the worst film that you’ve seen? 

2 thoughts on “Opinion: Time is too precious for bad films

Add yours

  1. Don’t know the worst movie I have seen is….would really need to think about it. Have seen enough of them, but maybe I blocked them out! 😉

    1. Blocking is the way to go!

      Writing this blog and using Letterboxd are excellent ways of keeping track of your thoughts on films so you know which ones to avoid in the future. If something sounds familiar I regularly check Letterboxd to see if I have seen it already and what my rating was.

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