[Movies of the Month] April


The English Teacher – A disappointing film considering its leads. Far too many clichés as well. ★★½
Silverado – An enjoyable Western but one that does become quite convoluted, with multiple leads and multiple plot lines. ★★★
Chef – Hugely likeable film; expert acting, direction and writing by Favreau. ★★★★½
Captain America – The Winter Soldier – Action-packed and exciting once the plot is (finally) revealed. ★★★★
The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet – A beautifully shot and well acted film, but it’s let down by two plot lines rather than a central one. ★★★½
Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist – An enjoyable watch with cameos aplenty. Not one I’ll revisit for some time, though. ★★★½

Gattaca – An interesting premise executed well. This is one film I’d like to see remade using today’s technology. ★★★½
The Hangover – Laughs aplenty, as usual. It still isn’t failing to please as a rewatch. ★★★★
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey – A sweet story with extra resonance now I have my own four-legged friend. ★★★★
300 – As always, this rating is for the way this film was shot and executed; when a film looks this good you can mostly forgive the dodgy accents. ★★★★
Kingdom of Heaven – Beautiful scenery and an epic story, but it begins to drag quickly. ★★½

Total: 11

Since 1/1/15 
New releases: 4
1st timers: 22
Rewatches: 21
Documentaries: 1

Total: 48

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