The Best of Blunt

Updating my original post, one Emily Blunt film at a time.

Scrolling through the LOVEFiLM instant list came be very hard work. Hard work in that there is so much choice. For last night’s (12/09/13) film, I thought I’d make it a little easier by trying to find a film featuring one of my favourite actresses, Emily Blunt.

I’ve been an admirer of Ms Blunt’s for a while now, as you would quickly be able to tell if you asked me what I’ve seen in. At the time that this post was first published in September 2013 (the plan is to keep updating it), I’d seen 13 of her films.

So, how does her filmography stack up? Do we see Top Notch Blunt, Average Blunt or Mediocre Blunt?

2003 Boudica

2004 My Summer of Love – Reading the synopsis of this I was thinking to myself, ‘I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before.’ A quick look on Letterboxd reveals that I have, back in July 2012. While the plot is vaguely coming back to me, I can’t remember how I found it; the three stars means would indicate that it was probably quite average…
Rating: Average Blunt Film: ★★★

2006 The Devil Wears Prada – A brilliant film with a star studded cast that lives up to its billing. This is undoubtedly Meryl Streep’s film, and she steals every scene she’s in. However, Blunt puts on a fine performance, and this is where I – and the rest of the world – really started paying attention to her.
Rating: Top Notch Blunt Film: ★★★★

2006 Irresistible – If you wondering why the overall rating is at odds with the Blunt rating, this is because the film wasn’t as dramatic as I was hoping. Susan Sarandon and Blunt give strong performances, but the film didn’t come to as much of a passionate, climatic head as I was hoping.
Rating: Top Notch Blunt Film★★★

2007 Wind Chill 

2007 Dan in Real Life – Again, this was another one that I thought sounded familiar and then, after checking Letterboxd, realised that I had seen it. To be truthful, I can’t really remember much of it – not a good sign – so I’m relying on Wikipedia to fill in some blanks. Right, gotcha. I remember it, and I now remember that Blunt wasn’t in it that much, which is always a shame.
Rating: Average Blunt Film★★★½

2007 Charlie Wilson’s War – Blunt takes more of a cameo than a supporting role in this, but that could be, as with the above, that she filmed this before The Devil Wears Prada‘s release and was still establishing herself within the industry.
: Average Blunt Film★★★½

2007 The Jane Austen Book Club

2008 The Great Buck Howard

2009 The Young Victoria – According to Rotten Tomatoes, “Emily Blunt shines as Victoria in this romantic but plodding royal portrait,” and I completely agree. It’s a beautifully presented and acted film, but it is slightly lacking in passion, being rather polite instead.
Rating: Top Notch Blunt Film★★★★

2009 Sunshine Cleaning – I really enjoyed this film; Amy Adams and Blunt made a great double act. With its interesting subject it’s something out of the norm for both actresses, but they certainly pull it off. It’d be great if these two reunited in the future for another film (or two).
Rating: Top Notch Blunt Film★★★★

2009 Curiosity

2010 Wild Target

2010 The Wolfman

2010 Gulliver’s Travels

2011 Gnomeo and Juliet – I adore this film, and I think I watched in three times over the course of a weekend when the LOVEFiLM DVD arrived… It’s funny, cute, has a great soundtrack, and is just a good, Saturday afternoon kinda film.
Rating: Top Notch Blunt Film★★★★

2011 The Adjustment Bureau – A very clever film that doesn’t push the limits too much so you are able to follow exactly what is going on. Blunt and Matt Damon make a good team, and while it is a romance (as well as an action and a sci-fi), it doesn’t play on this too much to the point that it would become OTT.
Rating: Top Notch Blunt Film: ★★★★

2011 The Muppets – Again, there wasn’t much of Blunt in this. Starring as Miss Piggy’s receptionist, she only briefly appeared. So brief, in fact, that I had forgotten that she was in it! It was a nice cameo choice, though, with an obvious nod to her role in The Devil Wears Prada.
Rating: Average Blunt Film★★★★

2012 The Five-Year Engagement – While Blunt – and Segel, to an extent – shines and you do feel for her character, for me the film was just a bit too bizarre in places. It touched on real life, but it didn’t have the humour I was expecting.
Rating: Top Notch Blunt Film★★

2012 Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – This was a very sweet film, and Blunt is very entertaining throughout. There’s some chemistry between Blunt and Ewan McGregor, but it’s far from sizzling. Perhaps a different choice of male lead would have made this more of a romcom to remember.
Rating: Top Notch Blunt Film★★★½

2012 Your Sister’s Sister – With a tiny cast of just three, Blunt shines opposite Rosemarie DeWitt and Mark Duplass. There’s a great chemistry between the three, particularly between Blunt and DeWitt. With this film, Blunt proves that she can more than carry a film.
Rating: Top Notch Blunt Film

2012 Looper – This return to action/sci-fi is great for Blunt, and she puts on a strong performance. Romcoms and dramas may be her forte, but she is certainly honing her action skills.
Rating: Top Notch Blunt Film: ★★★½

2013 Arthur Newman – While the film itself is rather mediocre, with a predictable plot and characters that are difficult to warm to, Blunt does give a strong performance, proving that dramatic roles are her forte.   
Top Notch Blunt Film: ★★★

2013 The Wind Rises

2014 Edge of Tomorrow – Tom Cruise’s characters can often be scene-stealers, but Blunt holds her own in this Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers action flick. The action genre is certainly suiting Blunt.
Rating: Top Notch Blunt
 Film: ★★★★

2014 Into the Woods

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