[Movies of the Month] February


Jupiter Ascending
– Interesting plot, stunning effects and beautiful costumes, but the characters are uninspiring and, sadly, the plot is weakened by a convoluted and poor script. ★★½
Birdman – Strong acting but I didn’t connect with the characters, found the music distracting and overpowering, and felt my attention waning several times. ★★★

Beverly Hills Cop 
– Definitely a product of its time, but enjoyable nonetheless with genuine laughs to accompany the groans. ★★★
Arthur Newman – Strong acting from its lead but is let down by an, at time, obvious plot line. ★★★
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – Great fun; potentially the first example of a movie ‘bromance’. ★★★★
Tracks – Inspiring story that is superbly executed. ★★★★½
Cuban Fury – Light-hearted Brit flick, with lots of laugh-out-loud moments; Frost is on form. ★★★★

Jurassic Park – The best in the trilogy; an exciting, immersive look into what might happen when business meets science to create the impossible. ★★★★½
The Lost World: Jurassic Park – Weaker than its predecessor and 30 minutes longer than it should have been but still plenty of dino-thrills. ★★★
Jurassic Park III – Forgetting the politics of film two and taking it back to basics, with plenty of action, excitement and danger. ★★★½
Romeo + Juliet – An interesting modernisation that still uses the bard’s original wording. However, it can be too erratic, but this is, arguably, one of Luhrmann’s trademarks. ★★★½
The Last Unicorn – An enduring favourite, appearing dated now but losing none of its charm. ★★★★
Gone Girl – Still packing punches on my third viewing. ★★★★

And the Oscar Goes to… – Interesting docu that reveals the history of the celebrated awards ceremony.

Total: 14

Since 1/1/15 

New releases: 3
1st timers: 15
Rewatches: 14
Documentaries: 1
Total: 31

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