[Movies of the Month] January


Boyhood – Novel concept and strong performances from the leads but let down by an uninteresting plot. ★★★★

The Family 
– Disappointing considering the high calibre leads. ★★★
What Dreams May Come – Touching drama that certainly knows how to pull on your heart strings. ★★★½
The Descent – Zero backstory but does it matter? Certainly edge-of-your-seat stuff. ★★★★
The Big Year – A twitcher movie with a big heart. ★★★★
A Long Way Down – Interesting concept that was very well cast but suffers from being a bit predictable. ★★★★
The Birdcage – Great entertainment; Nathan Lane is fantastic. ★★★★
Housesitter – Sweet film but not quite up to the usual Hawn/Martin standards. ★★★½
The Edge – Action-packed and tense, Hopkins and Baldwin make a good team onscreen, with each fulfilling their designated role superbly. ★★★★½

The Heat – Entertaining and just a bit silly, a very watchable comedy. ★★★½
National Treasure – Fun, light-hearted adventure that is perfect Friday night material. ★★★½
Guardians of the Galaxy – Threatening to overtake Thor as my favourite Marvel flick. ★★★★½
The Grand Budapest Hotel – Delightfully quirky and classically Anderson, the casting of Fiennes was an inspired choice. ★★★★
Gone Girl – Doesn’t have the ‘shock factor’ on repeated viewings but certainly holds its own as a tense, gripping thriller. ★★★★½
Real Steel – Every minute is enjoyable, from start to finish; a great, feel good family film. ★★★★½
The King’s Speech – Deserving of its Best Picture Oscar, with two fantastic leads, expert direction and a well-adapted script. ★★★★★
TRON: Legacy – Continues to be a favourite, in no small part down to the brilliant score and beautiful visuals. ★★★★

Total: 17

Since 1/1/15 

New releases: 1
1st timers: 8
Rewatches: 8
Total: 17

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