Note to self: Don’t watch these films again

Aside from providing me with lots of wonderful data to look through, another positive that I have found from using the online diary Letterboxd for the last three years is that it reminds you to not make the same mistake twice.

In this case, it’s to not rewatch a dreadful film.

Recording the highs and the lows

Looking at my ratings, the vast majority of films that I have watched I have given three or more stars. Up at the top with five stars are such personal favourites as Little Miss Sunshine, Rush and Cast Away.

At the other end of the scale, with just one star are Mister Lonely and Battleship, the latter featuring an Oscar nominee in arguably his worst film to date and the former being too bizarre to even start explaining.

Other low ranking offenders are as follows, and believe me, they will not be rewatched!


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