Number crunching, film fan style

Stats, glorious stats

LetterboxdFor someone who prefers dictionaries over calculators and poems over equations, it’s quite surprising that I am such a fan of statistics.

Part of my responsibilities at work is the maintenance of my company’s recently-launched website. I find our Google Analytics fascinating, and as we start promoting the website more through attending events and sharing through social media, I’m excited to find out how these will affect our stats.

Since January 2012, I’ve been monitoring my film watching courtesy of Letterboxd, an online film diary that, among other functions, lets you record when you watched a film, your rating for it and what you thought of it. I’ve been using the free version though a premium version is also available.

The results are in

Three years since my personal records began and the total annual amount of films I’ve watched has varied year-on-year: in 2012 I saw 155, in 2013 I watched 169 and in 2014 I watched 133.

Though this isn’t really sufficient data to go on, the mean of those figures would suggest that I’ll see 155 films this year. So far, I’ve got seven films under my belt. If I extrapolate using this statistic, I could reach the heady heights of 213 by the end of the year. However, the above records don’t support this theory.

Life, as it has a habit of doing, gets in the way.

The Times They Are a-Changin

IMG_20150110_091719Films remain one of my passions, but since owning my English Springer Spaniel, my priority has been to don wellies and take him on a muddy walk rather than to pick a film out to watch.

In my early days of dog ownership, July 2013, not many films were watched, as my ‘Movies of the Month’ can attest to. The new puppy took up every spare minute, and watching a film in the evenings, be it a DVD or a trip to the cinema, became a luxury; in the months pre-dog, January to June 2013, I averaged 16.8 films a month while in the six months post-dog, July-December 2013, I averaged 11.2.

2014 did see a change in this behaviour, as now that the dog has grown up, he’s quite happy to settle down on the sofa and have a sleep while you watch a film. This has facilitated the running of a weekly ‘Tuesday Movie Night’ film club that I’ve been a part of with two friends for the last six or so months. Taking it in turns, we each bring a selection of films to vote on and watch; it’s a great way of revisiting personal favourites as well as a friend sharing with you their favourites.

Additional impacts on my film viewing in 2014 were multiple business trips abroad. Being long haul flights this meant that I saw a variety of films, including first-time viewings of The Wolf of Wall Street and The Grand Budapest Hotel. I did catch a few films while I was in my hotel but I didn’t log them, as I didn’t see them in their entirety; this included watching part of Home Alone while on a treadmill in India in June!

2015 prediction

I guesstimate that I’ll be on a par with 2012’s total figure and see around 150 films this year.

While I’m not sure how many business trips I’ll be going on over the next 12 months, I can say that I’m not planning on getting a puppy; one dog is enough for me, especially when he’s a Springer!

I have Tuesday Movie Night to give me a guaranteed weekly fix plus a viewing partner in my boyfriend. Now that the dog is happy to snooze on the sofa, we’ve seen quite an array of films lately, including a horror-comedy double bill last weekend with The Descent and The Big Year.

Will my guesstimate prove correct? Follow my Movies of the Month posts to find out.

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  1. Hope you’ll be able to make it. My goal is to reach at least 300 (as it is every year), so we’ll see if I’ll be able to reach that number 🙂

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