[Movies of the Month] November


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 – Strong continuation of the franchise, with solid performances from newcomer Moore and the late Hoffman. ★★★★
Interstellar – Visually stunning and engaging, but suffers from being a little too clever in parts. ★★★★

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
 – Enjoyable with some touching moments at times. ★★★½
Three Amigos – Classic Martin meets the Wild West; laugh out loud moments guaranteed. ★★★½
Charlie Wilson’s War – Solid performances from Hanks and Roberts but does become convoluted in parts. ★★★½
Edge of Tomorrow Groundhog Day with aliens, this is classic Cruise with a fierce Blunt in her biggest action role yet. ★★★★

Team America: World Police – Always entertaining; a comedic gem. ★★★★
Armageddon – A guilty pleasure that never gets old. ★★★★

Total: 8

Since 1/1/14 

Cinema visits: 6
Rewatches: 36
1st timers: 76
Total: 118

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