[Movies of the Month] September

Not many films were watched this month, due to a two-week business trip taking up a lot of the month. As always, the selection onboard the plane threw up some interesting choices, and I settled for Maleficent and Bad Neighbours on the outbound flight with The One-Hundred-Year Old Man who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared on the way back.


Rock of Ages – A great musical powered by 80s ballads that is a perfect after work pick-me-up. ★★★★

Maleficent – Visually gorgeous and with effects and costumes to match. ★★★★
Bad Neighbours – Some laughs; great to wile away time on a plane. ★★★
The One-Hundred-Year Old Man who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared –  With an engaging plot and terrific characters, I think I’ll try the book next. A new favourite. ★★★★★
The Big Wedding – Forgettable romcom that isn’t worthy of such A list leads. ★★

Total: 5

Since 1/1/14 

Cinema visits: 3
Rewatches: 32
1st timers: 67
Total: 102

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