[Movies of the Month] July

The introduction of ‘Tuesday Movie Nights’ has meant that I’m watching a good variety of films on a regular basis. This is working very well for me, as I recently cancelled my LOVEFiLM cancellation due to a lack of usage. I might go back to it or I might try Netflix out, as there are quite a few TV series I want to start watching.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – An absolute triumph; builds on the foundations of the first and continues the epic story in style. ★★★★★

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa – With very British humour and very British characters, this never fails to create a chortle or two. ★★★★
Django Unchained – Engaging from start to finish, with just a couple of hiccups along the way. ★★★★
Ghostbusters – Timeless Eighties classic. ★★★★
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Raises the bar from the first film and introduces some winning characters, both old and new. ★★★★
I, Robot – Solid sci fi flick that still stands up today. ★★★★
Hot Fuzz – Like Alpha Papa, this is very British humour and excels because of it. ★★★★

Minority Report – Interesting premise but falls down, in my opinion, with too many lucky breaks. ★★★
17 Again – Typical teenage fodder but offers a few laughs. ★★★
Couples Retreat – Predictable and sickly sweet in parts, this is one to avoid in the future. ★★½

Total: 10

Since 1/1/14 

Cinema visits: 2
Rewatches: 26
1st timers: 58
Total: 86

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