[Movies of the Month] April


Crazy Stupid Love – An evergreen, enjoyable romcom. ★★★★
The Princess Bride – A  fantasy favourite with enduring, lovable characters. ★★★★
The Phantom of the Opera – Boosted by powerful music, beautiful sets and intricate costumes. ★★★★

The Hours – Slow-burning, tense drama which brings together three of Hollywood’s finest leading ladies. ★★★★
Skin – Stunning film that brings to life an extraordinary story; Sophie Okonedo shines. ★★★★★
We Need to Talk About Kevin – Thought-provoking, hard-hitting and expertly cast. ★★★★
Sideways – Enjoyable, well cast road trip that balances comedy and drama. ★★★★
Apollo 13 – Strong acting brings home the tension and uncertainty experienced by their real life counterparts. ★★★★
Raging Bull – A sad story packed with highs and lows that shows de Niro at his peak. ★★★★

Total: 9

Since 1/1/14 

Cinema visits: 0
Rewatches: 15
1st timers: 51
Total: 66

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