[Movies of the Month] March

Looking at the month’s films, I can give a single reason as to why the figures are lower than January’s and February’s: Firefly. When I went to my friend Kate’s house at the start of March, we watched not only Captain Phillips together but the first episode of Joss Whedon’s space cowboy soap opera. Suffice to say, the other 13 episodes of the one series wonder were watched in quick succession… 


Apocalypto– A masterpiece; visually epic with strong storytelling. ★★★★★
Where the Heart Is – Standard romcom material buoyed by Portman. ★★★

Captain Phillips
– Dramatic, intense, engaging. One of Hanks’ finest. ★★★★★
The Devil’s Double – Fascinating, disturbing story. Cooper is strong in a more dramatic role. ★★★½
The Bling Ring – A timely story that reveals how shallow these people were but never gets below the surface. ★★★
Song for Marion – Moving, uplifting Brit romcom. ★★★★
Serenity – A fun, entertaining story but I’m not sure it would appeal/be understood by those who have never seen Firefly. ★★★★
Tower Heist – Standard crime comedy with a few laugh out loud moments. ★★★
Into the Wild – Very good film. Hate the real life story. ★★★
The Banger Sisters – Highly predictable but enjoyable. ★★★

Total: 10

March’s best film: Apocalypto is a favourite of mine that never disappoints, and I think that it is often overlooked. The story is engaging, with strong performances from the leads and dramatic, intense scenes. An added, and very apt, bonus is that it is in Yucatec Mayan with subtitles. If it were in anything else then it would be no where near as effective. 

March’s best actor: Proving that he is still very much at the top of his game, Hanks shines in Captain Phillips. Due to it being based on a true story, the plot of the story is predictable. However, the talent of Hanks and his menacing co-stars, who are engaging in their own right, make this edge-of-your-seat viewing.

Since 1/1/14 
Cinema visits: 0
Rewatches: 12
1st timers: 45
Total: 57

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      1. Oh, yes. Big fan. Actually, I began to watch the TV series (already cancelled) only after I caught Serenity in the movie theater. I’ve been a Browncoat ever since.

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