[Movies of the Month] February

With award season well under way I was able to watch two of the big hitters (Captain Phillips and Gravity) just before any Oscars were handed out. Awards season is, as a film fanatic, one of my favourite times of years, and my rental list has certainly increased over the last few weeks…


The Warrior’s Way– Surreal to the extreme, with cowboys, ninjas and circus performers all thrown together. Remains one of my favourites. ★★★★
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Much better than I remembered, though not a patch on the first. ★★★½
The Motorcycle Diaries – A continued favourite. ★★★★★

The Butler – Incredible story; Whitaker is superb. ★★★★
Flirting With Disaster – A nice way to spend 90 minutes but nothing particularly memorable. ★★★½
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – It was fantastic to return to Twin Peaks but there were too many nods to the TV series to allow this to stand as a film in its own right. ★★★
We’re the Millers – Very laugh-out-loud funny in places. ★★★½
This Means War – Three strong actors, including one Academy Award winner, are reduced to standard, run-of-the-mill romcom characters. A huge waste of talent. ★★½
Sleeping Beauty – Beautifully shot and acted but makes very uncomfortable watching in places. ★★★
My Week with Marilyn – Full marks to the leads in this gentle expose of a screen legend. ★★★★
Hitchcock – A great first step into exploring the world of a cinematic great. ★★★★
Cloud Atlas – While not seamless in its storytelling, this is entertaining, enjoyable viewing that highlights the versatility of its leads. ★★★★
Before Midnight – A brilliant final follow-up to the Celine and Jesse love story. ★★★★
The Paperboy – Superb acting from its leads, it is unfortunately let down by being predictable. ★★★½
Byzantium An updated spin on the vampire genre supported by strong leads. ★★★★
Gravity – A cinematic triumph. ★★★★★
Sightseers – A deliciously dark comedy that ticks all the boxes. ★★★★
What Maisie Knew – Onata Aprile’s stellar performance makes this compelling viewing. ★★★★
Beasts of the Southern Wild – An interesting yet very odd film. ★★★
RED 2 – As enjoyable as its predecessor. ★★★★

Total: 19

February’s best film: There have been many impressive individual performances in my selection this month, but as a whole I would say that it’s a toss up between Captain Phillips or Cloud Atlas. Is it a coincidence that Hanks is in both…? 

February’s worst film: Without a shadow of a doubt, This Means War takes this honour. It has a fine cast that should have stuck to the calibre of films that they are more known for, as this is certainly a blight in their filmography.

Since 1/1/14 
Cinema visits: 0
Rewatches: 10
1st timers: 37
Total: 47

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