[Movies of the Month] January

After nearly seven months of ownership, my dog and I are well and truly into our film-watching groove. Taking our seats on the sofa, we have watched a staggering – for me, at least – amount of films this month, from old favourites to breath-taking first watches. If we keep this rate of film-watching up then last year’s total figure will definitely be smashed!


King Arthur– It has its flaws, but this remains a favourite of mine. Transporting the legend from the more well known Medieval setting to the Roman age works well. ★★★★
The Rebound – Standard romcom plot but the leads are enjoyable. ★★★½
Gnomeo and Juliet – Never fails to make me smile; a fantastic kids flick. ★★★★
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – Action packed from start to finish. ★★★½
Just Go With It – A comedic favourite with many laugh-out-loud moments. ★★★½
Love Actually – A rare gem; a romcon with an ensemble cast that works. ★★★★
Ted – Still very enjoyable but the shine is starting to come off. ★★★½

Monsters vs Aliens – Very entertaining kids flick. ★★★★
Bridge to Terabithia – This film left me in a flood of tears on the sofa, but in a good way. ★★★★
Life of Pi  A beautiful piece of film making; compelling, well-acted, visually stunning. ★★★★★
Beautiful Creatures – Interesting premise, with strong leads, but one for the Twilight devotees. ★★★
Wreck-It Ralph – An excellent addition to the Disney stock, it is entertaining from start to finish. ★★★★
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters – For me, this just doesn’t work. Adding in expletives does not suddenly make a fairy story into a film for adults. ★★
Love Is All You Need – A very sweet film, in which Brosnan shines. ★★★★
Argo – A story so intriguing they made it in to a film. ★★★★
Jack the Giant Slayer – Family fun featuring a starry cast. ★★★½
Behind the Candelabra – A fascinating story supported by excellent performances by Damon and, in particular, Douglas. ★★★★
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa – Brilliantly low key and comedic. ★★★★ 
This is the End – A movie by Rogen and co for Rogen and co. ★★★½
Something Borrowed – Sweet romcom but forgettable. ★★★
The Princess and the Frog – A terrific return to its hand-drawn roots by Disney. ★★★★½
Lovelace – A fascinating story but somewhat lacking. ★★★½
The Raven – With as many twists and turns as a Poe novel, this is dramatic and complicated to the extreme. I enjoyed it, but perhaps that’s because I’ve read Poe. ★★★½
Hope Springs – Streep and Jones shine, providing the right amount of realism to make this more than your average romcom. ★★★★
Hall Pass – Full of clichés and thinly veiled sexism, both towards women and men. ★★
Warm Bodies – Brilliant, original premise that puts a new spin on the horror story favourite. ★★★★
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones – For the Twilight generation but with enough action and intrigue to keep an older generation entertained. ★★★½

Total: 27

January’s best film: There were many four star ratings this month, with the hallowed five star rating going to Life of Pi It is a film that I will certainly revisit, and I am kicking myself that I never got round to seeing it on the big screen. If it makes its way back to the cinema, I will be first in line to snap up a ticket.

January’s worst film: As you can see from my ratings, Hall Pass and Hansel and Gretel were this month’s worst films. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if they made it into the Top 10 Worst Films list of their respective years. Two films I will actively avoid in the future.

Since 1/1/14 
Cinema visits: 0
Rewatches: 7
1st timers: 20
Total: 27

7 thoughts on “[Movies of the Month] January

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  1. That is a lot of movies in one month!

    Agreed on many of them, especially Hansel and Gretel. Not remotely good that piece of badness. Also agreed on Warm Bodies and many others.

  2. A fun variety of films! Warm Bodies was such a fun and quirky little picture (at least the first two-thirds. It was really surprising.

  3. Hi, Claire:

    You’ve been busy!

    Can’t disagree with you on ‘Hansel And Gretel’. Don’t understand why the film was made.

    Note to Hollywood Writers:

    A nocturnal release from the supposed doldrums of married life is called a Kitchen Pass . Not a ‘Hall Pass’!!!

    I missed out on that whole computer arcade premise wrapped around ‘Wreck It- Ralph!’. But the film was well executed, colorful, detailed and worth the time watching.

    ‘Hope Springs’ ia what an adult romantic comedy should be. A bit on the sparse side, but clean with lots of time for the leads to shine! Writers of “younger” romantic comedies. Take note!

    If your selection of ‘The Raven’ is from the early 1960s. With Karloff and Peter Lorre. You’re so right. One of many exceptional adaptations Roger Corman cranked out. Would have loved to have seen his take on ‘The Cask of Amontillado’.

    1. A kitchen pass? I’m intrigued! Do tell…

      Wreck-It Ralph is a great addition to the kids genre, especially as it provokes memories for their parents!

      Hope Springs was a great example of how romcoms don’t always need to be about good looking twenty-somethings who hook up, mess up and then hook up again. It was my first Tommy Lee Jones film for a while too.

      This version of The Raven was with John Cusack, but that 1960s version is going on my LOVEFiLM rental list!

      1. Hi, Claire:

        The phrase “Kitchen Pass” evolved from the 1970s. When husbands went out for a Guys Night Out or whatever. Usually without the wife’s knowledge or permission. Leaving the irked or angry wife to lie in ambush. And more often than not, catching the husband is sneaking back into the house through the Kitchen.

        Another adult romantic comedy is from director Joan Micklin Silver. ‘Crossing Delancey’. With Peter Riegert and Amy Irving getting together through the aid of a Jewish match maker.

        I’ll have to look up the John Cusack take on Poe!

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