[Movies of the Month] October

Once again, there was a real mix of films this month. It started on a high with French film Delicacy and ended on a low with House at the End of the Street. The former was consistent with engaging, interesting characters while the latter had a promising beginning but a disappointing twist and final third.


Stardust – One of the best modern fantasy films released. ★★★★½
The Change-Up – If you want a giggle that you don’t have to think too hard about, this is for you. ★★★½
Lady and the Tramp – A classic. ★★★★

Delicacy – I do love a French film, and this explored themes that a British or American film wouldn’t be able to pull off. ★★★★
I Give It A Year – Much, much funnier than I was expecting. A great mood changer. ★★★★
Jerry Maguire – I’d heard the hype but never watched the film. Loved it. ★★★★★
Still Crazy – Many, many laughs with this great, rock band-based Brit flick. ★★★★
Treasure Planet – Colourful, fun and fast-paced, a great children’s film. ★★★★
The Raid – Absolutely stunning. A hardcore, marital arts that Dredd, released a year later, takes pointers from. ★★★★½
Quartet – An enjoyable, ‘watch with your mum’ kind-of film. ★★★½
A Late Quartet – Not as enjoyable as this month’s other foursome-based film. Very slow pace and difficult to form any emotional attachment to the lead characters. ★★½
A Monster in Paris – Very sweet, enjoyable animated adventure. ★★★★
House at the End of the Street – Disappointing twist. ★★½

Total: 13

October’s top actor: I’m a big fan of Bill Nighy, and he was a joy to watch in Still Crazy. The eccentric rocker is a type that suits him down to the ground – see also Love Actually.

October’s biggest surprise: I put I Give It A Year on thinking that I could have it on in the background while I got on with something else. It soon had my full attention, which I wasn’t expecting given its average ratings on Rotten Tomatoes (55%) and Metacritic (50). One I will watch again.

Since 1/1/13
Cinema visits: 13
Rewatches: 51
1st timers: 74
Total: 138

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