[Movies of the Month] September

Finally, after moving house and buying a new pup, I am back into my film-watching groove. And what a collection September brought! The brilliant Kurt Russell made an appearance a couple of times with sci-fi proving the most popular genre. There’s plenty more sci-fi classics on LOVEFiLM Instant at the moment, so hopefully I’ll get some more watched in October.


– Great effects, interesting premise and a strong cast, but as I was watching it I was hoping that Matt Damon’s character could have been given a break! It would have been nice to have just a glimmer of hope. ★★★½

Finding Neverland – Great Saturday afternoon film. ★★★★
Jumanji – First rewatch in a very, very long time, this has to be one of the best children’s films ever made. ★★★★
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – A fun film to watch in the background. ★★★
Red Riding Hood – Full of teenage angst and lingering looks, but quite enjoyable. ★★★

Weird Science – Fun idea makes it more than your average teen movie. ★★★½
Escape from New York – An enjoyable action flick but didn’t quite live up to my expectations following its cult status. ★★★½
Beginners – Strong story with an Oscar-worthy performance from Christopher Plummer but a weak lead in Ewan McGregor. ★★★★
Your Sister’s Sister – With a cast of just three, happily the chemistry is very much there. ★★★★
Starman – A very sweet sci-fi that gave Bridges an Oscar nom. Deserved? Perhaps not, but very enjoyable nonetheless. ★★★★
StreetDance – Not my usual type of film but it kept my attention. ★★★
Logan’s Run – “It’s a cult classic,” the boyfriend said. “It’s absolutely terrible!” I replied. ★★½
The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Great character development and brilliant leads. ★★★★
Stargate – Kept reminding me of Indiana Jones and The Mummy… ★★★

Total: 14

September’s top film: There’s a few from the 1st timers that I would watch again – BeginnersYour Sister’s Sister and The Perks of Being a Wallflower – but it’s Starman that I give this month’s accolade to. Apparently it isn’t John Carpenter’s finest work – I’ve only seen four other films directed by him so can’t really comment yet – but it ticked all the boxes for me. Plus, it has a damn catchy theme song.

September’s worst film: Bearing in mind that it was made in the mind-1970s so the effects can be forgiven to a certain point, it was the acting and premise that I found so abysmal with Logan’s Run. At several points my boyfriend and I nearly turned it off but we kept going, just in case it improved. Sadly, it didn’t.

Since 1/1/13 
Cinema visits: 13
Rewatches: 48
1st timers: 64
Total: 125

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  1. Hi, Claire:

    It looks like you’ve been very busy catching up on cinematic offerings.

    ‘Weird Science’ is a lot of fun. Not just for its John Hughes yearning, brainiac teen perspective, but for Bill Paxton’s older brother from Hell, Chet.

    ‘Escape from New York’ is cool for Kurt Russell take on Clint Eastwood. Lee Van Cleef and Carpenter taking a few budget money saving pages from Roger Corman. And using parts of storm ravaged St. Louis, Missouri to fill in for NYC.

    ‘Starman’ rocks quietly and assuredly with Jeff Bridges turning in an excellent performance as an extraterrestrial out of his element. Still love his little touches with his unfamiliarity when speaking, trying to fit in and walking in a different gravity.

    I’m with you. ‘Logan’s Run’ just should not have been made. If you are going to make a film about the future. At least make it look like the future!

    While ‘Stargate’ is a hugely budgeted pile of not so much. Outside of Kurt Russell and James Spader. Though excellent grist for a lower budgeted, character driven multi-season TV series.

    Oh, and congratulations on your new puppy! Hope to learn more about him or her soon.

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