[Movies of the Month] June

Slap on the wrist time: taking so long to write these posts means I can’t remember what I was up to in June! A look at my diary reveals a weekend away with my friends and a couple of weekend work trips. Sounds like it was another busy month, then!


Man of Steel 
– Top notch; fast-paced, explosive action sequences and solid acting. ★★★★

Moulin Rouge! 
– Never fails to entertain. ★★★★½
Johnny English – Perfect Friday night giggle material. ★★★½
Troy – Enjoyable but not in a rush to see it again for a few more years. ★★★½
Fright Night – First rewatch since cinema; provided more laughs than I remembered. ★★★½

The Ghost Writer 
– Solid acting but felt my interest wane. ★★★½
The Five-Year Engagement – Not quite what I was expecting… bizarre in parts! ★★★
Take Me Home Tonight – Shouldn’t have bothered. ★★
Just Go With It – Surprisingly very entertaining with many laugh-out-loud moments. ★★★½
The Watch – More laugh-out-loud moments; very entertaining. ★★★½
Rise of the Guardians – Very sweet film, but perhaps a little too sweet at the end! ★★★★

Total: 11

June’s top film: There are many to choose from this month; Man of Steel, Rise of the GuardiansMoulin Rouge!… Instead, I will go for Just Go With It. I’m not much of an Adam Sandler fan; it was Jennifer Aniston that persuaded me to watch it. It’s a solid comedy and gave me much more laugh-out-loud moments than I was expecting.

June’s biggest disappointment: I wasn’t expecting much from it so the crown won’t go to Take Me Home Tonight. Instead, it will got to The Five-Year Engagement. Emily Blunt is one of my favourite actresses but this film left me seriously lacking. It was more of a drama than I was expecting and there was an odd scene in second third that left my boyfriend saying: “I really hope that’s a dream sequence.” It wasn’t.

Since 1/1/13
Cinema visits: 9
Rewatches: 43
1st timers: 49
Total: 101

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