[Movies of the Month] May

A bad fall outside my house that resulted in soft tissue damage meant that my evenings were spent resting on the sofa this month. I rounded off my Harry Potter marathon and saw plenty of rewatches and first-timers, courtesy of LOVEFiLM and various other sources. With my ankle nearly on the mend I packed in a few work outings at the weekends – it was a very busy month!


Star Trek Into Darkness 
– Brilliant film that lived up to its predecessor. ★★★★

HP: Half-Blood Prince – 
Another high point in the series. ★★★★
HP: Deathly Hallows 1 – The Harry, Ron and Hermione show. ★★★★½
HP: Deathly Hallows 2 – An epic, brilliant finale. ★★★★★
Dredd – Don’t think I’ll ever get bored of this. More enjoyable on the big screen, though. ★★★½
America’s Sweethearts – A guilty pleasure. ★★★
Captain America: The First Avenger – First watch since the cinema – much better than remembered. ★★★★
Picture Perfect – Another guilty pleasure! ★★★½

The Net 
– Amusing looking back at a time when technology was really taking off. ★★½
Ironclad – Very lengthy, but a solid medieval flick. ★★★
Casa De Mi Padre – Terrible. No words to describe how poor it is. ★½
What Just Happened – A very average film from De Niro. ★★½
We Bought A Zoo – Very enjoyable, Sunday afternoon film. ★★★½
Bad Teacher – Amusing in places but few and far between. ★★½
Brave – So pleased I finally saw this. ★★★★
WALL-E – As above – relived it lived up to expectations, too. ★★★★
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Major crush on the cheeky chap that is Kirk Douglas. ★★★★
Angel-A – Touching and eccentric, in equal measure. ★★★½

Total: 18

May’s top film: Again, there’s a lot to choose from. Star Trek Into Darkness was a definite high point of the month, as was the superb finale to the Harry Potter series. However, it’s a tie between Brave and WALL-E. Both of these films had been on my radar since their releases, though I only recently got around to watching them. They are excellent additions to their respective production houses, and I’m so pleased that they lived up to my expectations.

May’s biggest disappointment: Case De Mi Padre was incredibly awful, and several times I wanted to switch it off before convincing myself that it might get better… While I love Stepbrothers and find Anchorman on the whole funny, I can take or leave the rest of Ferrell’s work. Think I wait to see Anchorman 2 until it’s out on DVD.

Since 1/1/13
Cinema visits: 8
Rewatches: 39
1st timers: 43
Total: 90

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  1. The Net’s a very dated film today but I do enjoy watching it for nostalgia purposes. Nice to see you enjoyed Star Trek but I seem to hear mixed things about it…a bit like Man of Steel for that matter. Hope the ankle is on the mend Claire!

  2. Hi, Claire:

    Soft tissue damage is the “Pleh!”. Though I can’t think of a better remedy than keeping weight off of it while catching up on films and television.

    Hope you feel and get better soon!

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