[Movies of the Month] April

April seemed to shot by. So fast, in fact, that I’ve only now gotten around to posting this! I enjoyed a week off to do some dog-sitting and grandparent-sitting while my parents went on holiday. I say ‘enjoyed’ – it was actually a lot of work making sure everyone was happy and fed! When they returned I made a swift getaway to the Warner Bros Studio Tour – London, which you can read about here. It was simply magical!


– Tom Cruise does sci-fi in style. ★★★★
Iron Man 3 – Very enjoyable flick. On par with Iron Man. ★★★★

– Perfect rom com turns from John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. ★★★½
Drive – Still enjoyable, but has lost some of its magic from the first times I watched it. ★★★★
Twilight  – Faithful adaptation that relies more on characters than effects, unlike (arguably) its successors. ★★★½
Twilight: New Moon – Not nearly as strong as its predecessor. ★★½
Twilight: Eclipse – Still doesn’t match Twilight, but is stronger than New Moon. ★★★
Groundhog Day – One of my all-time favourites: Bill Murray doesn’t disappoint. ★★★★★
Harry Potter: Philosopher’s Stone – A brilliant introduction to HP. ★★★★
HP: Chamber of Secrets – The weakest in the series. ★★★½
Zombieland – First watch since cinema. Better than I remembered. ★★★★
HP: Prisoner of Azkaban – Everything takes a darker twist, with great results. ★★★★
HP: Goblet of Fire – Another strong film with some heart-breaking performances. ★★★★
HP: Order of the Phoenix – The magic continues, with more sinister turns. ★★★★
Eat Pray Love – Enjoyable Sunday afternoon flick but book is better. ★★★

Country Strong 
– Strong performances from all leads, exceeded my expectations. ★★★★
Collateral – Interesting premise and Tom Cruise is on form. ★★★★
Wanderlust – Enjoyable Friday night comedy. ★★★½
Total Recall (2012) – From what I saw (I fell asleep…) it had fantastic effects! ★★★
The Promotion – Disappointing considering its leads. ★★½
The Proposition – Sadly not quite what I was expecting. ★★★
10 Years – Low key drama with an all-star line up. ★★★★
Let Me In – An excellent love story with a twist. ★★★★
Grabbers – A great monster romp with alcohol, lots of alcohol. ★★★½
The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants – Not any of its stars’ finest work. ★★★

Total: 25

April’s top film: Excluding the HP series, there’s still too many to choose from! First-timers Country Strong, Collateral, 10 Years and Let Me In were all brilliant, but I think the top spot goes to Oblivion. While it is does suffer from a few pitfalls, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cruise was on top form, ably supported by Olga Kurylenko and Andrea Riseborough.

April’s biggest disappointment: Considering its (normally) excellent leads, The Promotion was a huge disappointment. MY film-watching partner in crime enjoyed it well enough, but I found it very underwhelming.

Since 1/1/13
Cinema visits: 7
Rewatches: 32
1st timers: 33
Total: 72

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    1. Thank you, Michael! I’m enjoying keeping track of what I’m watching. It’s normally quite a mixed bag. I avoid horrors and seem to avoid comedies too!

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