[Movies of the Month] March

Busy: that is the only way to describe March. Yours truly turned a quarter of a century and celebrated with an epic game of bowling with my friends and a murder mystery night with my family. The murder mystery was set in 1950s Hollywood, and my family all made heroic efforts dressing up! If you’ve never done a murder mystery night at home before, I definitely recommend giving it a go.


– Careful and calculated, an interesting watch. ★★★★
Oz: The Great and Powerful – Colourful, enjoyable family fun. ★★★★

POTC: Dead Man’s Chest 
– Not as good as it’s predecessor but worth a watch. ★★★½
Zoolander – Ben Stiller at his Blue Steel-ing best. ★★★★
Watchmen – Still enjoyable but concentration is needed. ★★★★
Step Brothers – One of my favourite comedies. ★★★★
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery – The best film in the trilogy. ★★★★
The Last of the Mohicans – Epic, in every sense of the word. ★★★★★
He’s Just Not That Into You – Perfect, not too romantic girlie film. ★★★
Troll Hunter – A fantastic trip to the Norwegian countryside. ★★★★
A Knight’s Tale – Pure entertainment. ★★★★

Dream House 
– Predictable plot twist reveals a further terrible twist. ★★½
Pitch Perfect – Enjoyable even if you’re not in the High School Musical/Glee camp. ★★★★
Hellboy – Great effects, but lost interest part way through. ★★★
Forrest Gump – Very sweet film – not as emotional as I was expecting. ★★★★½
Phone Booth – Great turn by Farrell but dubious plot. ★★★
Flight – Much better than I was expecting from the trailer! ★★★½
Life As We Know It – Sweet, Friday night watch. ★★★
Everybody’s Fine – De Niro is, as always, on fine form. ★★★★
I Could Never Be Your Woman – Disappointing with a poor plot. ★★

Total: 20

March’s top film: It’s a tie between Forrest Gump, the first time I’d seen it, and my rewatch of The Last of the Mohicans. Both touch you in very different ways, and both benefit from an extremely talented male lead. It’s not surprising that both are Oscar and BAFTA winners, with Tom Hanks taking the Best Actor award for Forrest Gump.

March’s biggest disappointment: I hadn’t heard good things about Dream House so I wasn’t expecting much, but with the leads being Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz it was a huge waste of talent. They were strong themselves but let down by a poor script.

Since 1/1/13
Cinema visits: 5
Rewatches: 19
1st timers: 23
Total: 47

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  1. I’m so glad you liked Forrest Gump 🙂 I love that film! I saw Stoker as well and was pretty disappointed with it. I thought the acting was great and the idea was there but I was pretty disappointed with some of the script choices/errors.

    1. Forrest Gump was a very sweet film and Tom Hanks was on top form.

      That’s interesting what you write about Stoker. The acting was brilliant, and for me the script was spot on – no words were wasted when a look could do! It’s not a film that I will constantly revisit, though. A think a viewing every five years or so would suffice!

  2. Hi, Claire:


    You certainly have been busy!

    Lots of great titles.

    ‘Watchmen’ has a better sound track than the too ambitious film.

    While Lt. Dan (Gary Sinise) is still the more intriguing character in ‘Forrest Gump’.

    ‘Hellboy’ likes cats. So he can’t be all bad. Excellent make up and prosthetic work in the film. Evil bad guy(s)? Not so much.

    1. Hi Jack! How are you? Yep, actually cataloguing the films I’ve watched like this really does bring home how many I watch!

      Watchmen is great but I was suffering a bit when I watched it last month. Like I wrote, concentration is definitely needed!

      Oh yes, I did like Lt. Dan is Forrest Gump. An intriguing character!

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