Swayze sizzles on the big screen

When the opportunity arose to watch Patrick Swayze in all his Johnny Castle glory there was no way I was going to pass on it. Cue an outdoor showing of Dirty Dancing courtesy of The Luna Cinema at Warwick Castle.

I’d wanted to go to an outdoor showing for some time and I finally got my chance last weekend. Walking into the castle armed with picnic chairs at 7.30pm in the dark was quite an odd experience, and seeing a hundred or so people sitting huddled in winter coats and scarves staring excitingly up at a big white screen was also strange!

My two friends and I found a suitable spot, set the chairs up and started eating our free bags of salt ‘n sweet popcorn courtesy of The Luna Cinema – yes, I thought it was a peculiar combination, but it does work! We then waited for the screening to begin, quickly popping to the food stand to buy a hot dog while the trailers were on. That’s right, whether you’re inside or out you still have the obligatory trailers!

Once the opening sequence started I can quite confidently say that a smile appeared on the lips of every member of the audience.

As I may have written before, I didn’t see Dirty Dancing for the first time until I was about 17-years-old. I instantly fell for it on that first viewing, and it’s now one of those comfort films that I put on in the background or watch when I’m feeling a bit blue.

During the screening I hoped that there would be wolf whistles when Swayze first appeared, that people would cheer when Jennifer Grey said that line about pineapples and that there would be a chorus of singers when ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’ started playing. Was this the case? You betcha.

Dirty Dancing undoubtedly falls into the cult category. It is one of those quotable, feel good films that has a legion of diehard fans. Watching it on the big screen I definitely had one of those warm, fuzzy feelings even though it was a cold night at the end of September. I was joining in wholeheartedly with the whistling, cheering and singing, and I loved it!

Have you been to an outdoor screening? What was your experience like?

5 thoughts on “Swayze sizzles on the big screen

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  1. I don’t think I have been to an outdoor screening. There is one every year over here, but I never went. Maybe next year I will. Something I’ve also never experienced, but would love to is to go to a drive in.

    1. I’d love to go to a drive in! I’m not sure they were ever that popular in the UK – I bet this is down to the weather being too cold and unpredictable! I might make it a film goal for 2013, to attend a drive in if there’s one within reasonable distance 🙂

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