Meeting Sir Patrick Stewart

Since starting my current job four months ago, there have been several occasions when I’ve said to myself: “I love my job!” One of these occasions was when I had the opportunity to drive a Morgan Aero Coupe.

The beautiful Aero Coupe I drove.

My designer and I were photographing it for an article and Morgan’s chief designer nonchalantly said that he would leave the keys in it in case we needed to move it around. My designer and I looked at each other with big grins on our faces – just to clarify, an Aero Coupe retails at about £100,000 and is a seriously sexy sports car.

Needless to say, we both took it for a few spins around the field we were photographing it in. It was my first experience driving an automatic too…

Another occasion when I was extremely happy that I do the job I do was when I reported on this year’s Silverstone Classic, held annually at the historic Silverstone circuit in Northamptonshire. Special events at this year’s event included a world record gathering of 60 Ferrari F40 to celebrate the supercar’s 25th birthday plus special 50th birthday parties for the MG MGB, the Lotus Elan and the AC Cobra.

A seriously stunning line up of traditional Morgans.

There was also a celebrity race. The first time it was held, in 2010, the celebrities raced in Fiat Abarth 500s. This year, as in 2011, the celebrities raced in competition-prepared 130mph Morgan V6 Roadsters. The celebrities taking part in this year’s race included Brian Johnson, the lead singer of AC/DC; Jay Kay, the lead singer of Jamiroquai; and the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart.

Throughout the day there were several photo and interview opportunities. Sir Patrick was there all day but it wouldn’t be until a few minutes before the actual race in the evening that I would pluck up the courage to speak to him…

After ‘practicing’ on some of the other celebrities, I seized my opportunity to talk to Sir Patrick when he was seated in his Morgan before the final race. Thinking to myself that it was now or never, I somewhat abused my press pass and asked him whether I could have my photo taken with him. His answer? “Well, I haven’t got anything to do while I’m waiting. Of course you can!”

So, there you have it, the time a small town girl from the West Midlands met one of the greatest actors the UK has ever produced. Since then, every time Sir Patrick has been on the TV or in a magazine I’ve shouted: “There’s my mate!” Well, from the looks of our photo together I think we look like firm friends!

A dream comes true: meeting the supremely talented Sir Patrick Stewart.

13 thoughts on “Meeting Sir Patrick Stewart

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  1. Hi, Claire and company:

    Wicked cool!

    Great looking photo. Sir Patrick looks rather rakish with his mustache and beard.
    Haven’t seen that look on him since he played Sir Alec Guinness’ opposite number and nemesis, ‘Karla’ in the original UK mini-series, ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ from back in the early 1980s.

    And yes, the Aero Coupe is a seriously sexy car. Love its running boards! Though its door really should be ‘suicide’ and back hinged.

  2. Fantastic – what a great job. In my old job I met Daniel Radcliffe and Jason Isaacs smiled at me at an event we ran but I was to embarrassed to have a photo taken with either. Wish I hadn’t been.

  3. WOW!!! Claire, I want your job girl!! Sir Patrick Stewart, how awesome. Looks like he was admiring your beauty there 😉

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